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The books! Infernal city/Lord of souls and Skywind

The books of the Elder Scrolls series are Lore friendly, Canon, and very relevant to the cause of Skywind. The main character in the series is an alchemist from blackmarsh, but she travels to morrowind throughout. she uses many many ingredients from northern blackmarsh, mournhold, solstheim, etc. in various ways. In other aspects of why it might be important to look into these books for inspiration is the detail that the author, Greg Keyes, goes into about the environments. And races, history, weaponry, etc.

This was originally for the "food!" thread because the main character being a master chef and all, making dishes you don't hear about or see anywhere else in the lore; not the games nor in-game books, or development accounts. but i got blocked by the forum for no reason and couldn't put up the comment so i thought that the book covers more than just food for atmospheric detail.

It is alot to ask, i know. anyone that hasn't read these two books probably doesn't want to read them just to make a few dishes or get the architecture in solstheim perfect. but if you have read the book and are concerned with the small things, think about it 

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I've heard about The Infernal

I've heard about The Infernal City and I want to read that book!