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Skywind Beast Races

Has any thought been put into giving the beast races some of the features they lost in later titles, namely the digitigrade legs? I thought it added a greater feeling of diversity to them, and though it might be a lot of work, would be a nice touch to Skywind. 

Someone started something similar on the Nexus (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/6041/?tab=3&navtag=%2Fajax%2Fmodimages%2F%3Fuser%3D0%26id%3D6041) but due to the authors' being busy, hasn't gotten very far. It does involve a lot of work (and I'd be doing it myself, had I any aptitude in the area) but I think it would help make the game feel more like Morrowind again. I don't think it necessarily bars beast races from wearing boots, either - in a similar mod for Oblivion the author adapted some of the boots to the new legs, which looked pretty good, despite having to start from scratch.

Again, it's a lot of work (and not something I would call a necessity by any means) but I figure somebody else here might be interested. 

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Looks like the mod you linked

Looks like the mod you linked to was updated in 2017.  From what I understand, Skywind will be able to have Skyrim mods, so you can add the mod yourself when Skywind is released.  Of course, I've only been a member of this site for less than a day, so I could be wrong.