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Hey everyone,

I just found this site today and did the install. Had a few issues but everything seems to be working now. This is a very cool mod and I wanted to thank everyone who has put obviously huge ammounts of time into making. I have owned Morrowind GOTY for a long time but never really sat down and played it. I was given Oblivion when I got my PS3 and couldnt stop playing it. I then bought it for PC because of all the mods. I have gone in circles with mods for awhile now, some mods sound so cool but the install instructions often times are poorly done and some people assume things they know everyone knows. The install for Morroblivion is lenghty but pretty easy to follow. I was getting the yellow missing meshes and falling through the boat on startup it said it was probably due to wrong esm order but that was correct. I checked my data folder where I compiled all the various rar files with the one in the C:\games\Oblivion folder and seen there was some discrepancies so I recopy and pasted the data folder and boom it worked. Not sure what happend the first time other then id 10 t error or something :) This is an awesome mod thanks again.