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Hey there guys! My name is Flamzeron. When I heard about this Morrowind for Oblivion mod, I just had to check it out. I remember watching my friend play Morrowind, and it made me want an Xbox. Then I got into Oblivion and loved it! I loved it so much, that I bought a second copy for the PC, just for mods and such (I originally got it for PS3, if you're wondering). The Tales series is my favorite JRPG, but I'd say that The Elder Scrolls series is my favorite WRPG. I also do voice acting, you can find some of my word on my Youtube channel. You may recognize me from somewhere (Not trying to be a jerk, I say this in every intro to a forum I go to). I'm Tasuke on YouTube, Ryan on Skit Style BBS, Neo on Tales Central, and Flamzeron basically anywhere else. Anyway, it's nice to meet you all, and I hope we can be buddies. Also I have a question. Do you really need the Morrowind game for the PC in order to get Morroblivion to work? Also, why? I mean, this is only a mod. Thanks and advanced.
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