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This is me, hi !

Hi there,

Long time follower of Morroblivion and Morroblivion’s forums, although posting very rarely. I thought Morroblivion is awesome and like it a lot.

To be honest, I have very little experience modding per se, although I have always followed the modding community closely and I played around the CK and created a quest mod which I didn’t release (yet ?) because it was not yet up to standard I’d like to give to it and furthermore I had to take a break on this project for a few months, so it’s on standby at the moment.

Anyway, I got back to the forums this week and caught up to the current state of things. Last time I’d checked, you were still deciding whether going with this project or not, so let me tell you after all this catching up, my eyes were bleeding 1/ for the sheer amount of things to read 2/ for the amazing progress that were made.

I installed and quickly tested Skywind and that doesn’t disappoint.

I’m a software engineer (JAVA) and I should have some time to spare in the coming weeks/months so I’ll try to help, if you’ll have me.

I’m mostly interested with quests, AI packages, scripting or anything else really, except maybe for graphical things (not skilled at this).

PS: I’m French so please forgive any grammar/spelling mistake and please be pleasantly surprised if I don’t come off as rude or arrogant or any clichés about French people ;)