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Introductions and a few questions

Hello all! 

I'm so glad I stumbled upon your project, this is really something special. I actually have never played Morrowind before (I tried but I couldn't get into it because of the dated engine- modern games spoil me!) that's why I'm really looking forward to the completion of this mod. But as I understand it you need more help, so I'd like to offer anything I can to help you guys! I don't have much experience with the Creation Kit, or modding in general. When I was younger I got into modding and making custom maps in Halo 2. I remember I started off not knowing anything, but I grasped everything rather quickly and became an experienced modder only a couple months after getting into it. So hopefully I'll be able to be helpful to you guys once I start getting a hang of things! I actually have a couple questions for you guys, which will definitely help me figure out where to start.

1.) As I understand it the majority of your members working on Morroblivion moved to Skywind. Is that project not going to get much attention anymore? 

2.)  The entire landmass is created, but is everything as it should be? Like all the buildings, trees, ect are there? I understand there are no NPC's or working quests yet. According to a reddit post I read, about 45% of NPC's and a few quests are finished. Are you waiting on finishing all the npc's before you place them into the world? Excuse my poor understanding of the current state of the project, but it just seems like you're much farther ahead with the project than what it looks like in the current release. 

3.) I was looking at the other project, Skyblivion. I understand it won't get much attention until after Skywind is finished, but how quickly is the project moving now? Oblivion was my first Elder Scrolls game, so I'd love to see that project finished too (for the nostalgia). So I'd also like to help out with that project in any way I can, but I want to focus on Skywind since that is where people are needed. 

 I guess what I can really start with is adding quests and npc's from Morrowind to the master file. Or you guys tell me: what kind of work on the project is needed the most right now?

Thanks so much guys.