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Ohh so nice
Heyhey. I was browsing vids of Fallout 3 and Oblivion, when I happened to see Morroblivion mentioned. This looks like a very interesting project :D I've never been able to complete Morrowind. For some reason I always end up doing side quests just to lvl and see the world, and then I either grow a bit tired of the game, or some random hardware crashes making me forget to try to get that last savegame lol. Oblivion on the other hand, I've only missed out on a few subquests. Right now I'm having fun with the Shivering Isles and an mmo. But next time I intend to attempt beating Morrowind, I'll for sure take a close look at this, as it looks very promising :D
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There is so much stuff to do
There is so much stuff to do in Morrowind, I don't think it could really ever be 100% completed ;) I want to replay Shivering Isles. I just kind of did the main quest, and I didn't really explore much. I'll have to go back and do that... Anyways, welcome! :)
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Ty ty ^^ And no, you can't
Ty ty ^^ And no, you can't complete all quests in Morrowind. Some of them are mutually exclusive (guild related quests). But nevertheless you can do a lot questing in the main game alone, where I think I got a huge chunk of the sub plots and those stand alone (small) quests. But alas.... never the main quest XD. And I have only barely scratched the quests in the expansion packs, because I got a bit tired after all that questing lol. But in Oblivion I got to all the quests, except the long *aileed* artifacts (sorry, can't really remember the name nor spelling of those) and the wine quest. And I may have overseen a few stand alones. Shivering is still my first playthrough though :)