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Enhanced AI Framework -- happy to help you folks incorporate it into Skywind!

What's up party people?

Just wanted to announce that I've finished the Enhanced AI Framework, a modder's toolset which allows you to give Actors very complex behavior using a combination of AI "Modules". You can check out the main Reddit thread here:


I'm happy to help folks here get this all primed up in Skywind, if you're interested.

Cheers, and keep up the great work!

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This looks promising.

This looks promising.

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Interesting stuff. If you

Interesting stuff. If you truly wanted to look at trying to incorporate Enhanced AI Framework into Skywind then obviously it would be a huge amount of your time. Something like a years worth, so I wouldn't commit lightly to it, and want to make sure that we don't get distracted from doing fundamentals if in fact you were unable to lend this time.

However the advantages of working on this project, is that in many ways you get to work with a clean slate. At the end of the day we are looking for systems that Role Play, Balance and Immerse the player in a more meaningful way than Skyrim and obviously many of your ideas lend to this.

Cons of Skywind/Morrowind:

Level Design is fairly limited and our ability to really change it is beyond our scope. For example dungeons like caves and tombs are basically small room or corridor bound. There is not much in the way of open spaces. So even if you incorporate certain group intelligence, the ability for the NPCs and creatures and then subsequently the player to act/counteract are limited. Sure you might get a healer stand behind another NPC and give buffs, but ultimately they have nowhere to run, so you'll probably find a set pattern of area effects and general slay them one at a time is just going to be the norm...?

However outdoor areas are much more accommodating to intelligent combat.

Pros of Skywind

Although we inherit NPC and Creatures with certain stats, this is malleable as much as needed really to make a good game. Stats from Morrowind don't really translate into a Skyrim combat system. So one of the big things we are looking for is challenging and rewarding combat.

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Could this be used with

Could this be used to assist with the creation of combat AI by chance? or is this only useful for making NPCs follow Schedules and what not?