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How Can I Help / Learn(Java, C++, Python etc..)

Hey All,

I'm just finishing up a software engineering internship and want to get involved in your project. I have base experience with C++ and have worked more extensively in java. I'm a quick learner and would love to do anything I can to dust off my favorite game. I've got a good amount of experience in version control as well as agile dev. I'm by no means a veteran but I'd love to help where I can.



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Hey Scottishkilt.

Hey Scottishkilt.

Well if your interested in game mechanics then we would gladly have ya in that department. We need people who are willing to learn the CK and papyrus. Also you wouldn't have any skill in reverse engineering tools by any chance do ya?

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To avoid creating another

To avoid creating another useless thread I’ll better use this one. More than year working Java and C# dev, also know Papyrus and CK, already posted my proof of concept here (but I know it’s a back burner, maybe I’ll make it as a standalone plugin). Looking for participation in project, like quest, scene or any other scripting, or some routine work like fetching data from web.