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Is multiple UV sets possible for Skyrim?

This is a techo question mainly for Eham and Aerisan.

In TES3 NIFs you could specify multiple UVs, so you could map diffuse, normals, heightmaps, etc, differently.

I'm wondering if the same could be done for Skyrim models?

Here is an example of a tes3 model with multiple UVs : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1vwmz6hbHGPcUI0QjQ5UFQ4b00...

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Just so there is an official

Just so there is an official answer to this post. I have already spoken to happychappy. But multiple UV sets in Skyrim are not possible as the number of UV sets is determined by a single bit, basically it has UV's or it does not.

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So that's a shame, especially
So that's a shame, especially since it was possible with earlier tech.   Would any of these shader flags be useful for creating similar effects?   0x00800000 SLSF1_Projected_UV - Used for decalling? 0x01000000 SLSF1_Multiple_Textures  0x02000000 SLSF1_Remappable_Textures  0x04000000 SLSF1_Decal 0x08000000 SLSF1_Dynamic_Decal   


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Multiple UV sets are able to

Multiple UV sets are able to be defined, the niftools documentation is wrong, BS numUVsets flag works almost exactly like the old numUVsets. You can test this out in nifskope by setting the value to 4095 (or any other value that will have the first 3 bits in the set be '1' and then going down to where the UV set arrays are and changing BS NUM UV &1 to BS NUM UV &2

Whether or not skyrim will process and apply this information is something else entirely. Further testing is needed.