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Need some help with Reverse Engineering?

Hey folks,

Nice projects you guys got there, and for once I feel like I could actually get involved! 
I've seen you were looking for people who got skills in RE. I used to do that for personal projects for 2 years.
I also have both personal & professional experience in C/C#/C++ (around 7 years to be more precise), and now I work as an IT Admin / Network Engineer and completing a degree in Computer Security.

I have sent a mail to Aurabelle, but I posted here to know if any of you has more info about what the tasks would be.

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Hello Xor42 and welcome to

Hello Xor42 and welcome to the forums!

Aurabelle would be the go to guy(girl) for this stuff. She'll get back to you with information on how you might be able to help out.

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i would like to help out