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questions from beginner [3dsmax,exporter,settings]

I have some questions to skilled developers who already faced with such situations in every their work.
Which 3ds max version are you using? Did someone tested exporter for 2015-2016 max?
Which nif plugin are you using especially for Skyrim?
How many actions needed to export armor models from 3dsmax to skyrim, I mean - export plugin + some right settings + nif scope + skeleton root correct assignment for each part + correctly naming armor parts +copy some settings branches from original models
Which settings in 3dsmax nif exporter dialogue do you use to export armor/skin to skyrim?
Is it possible to use "Skin wrap" modifier for different from original models to weight skin points? or maybe be it can be some autoweight tool or something.
I have some experience with morrowind and 3ds max 2009, but seems... it can't help me now