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Starting Tomorrow!


I was reading around these forums for a while (I’m on a train anyways) and I really like to invest some time and effort to. After I read multiple topics about people applying and being told to just do stuff and find out their selves what to do. I figured I might just want to create a topic to notify others I’ll be starting out on making some quests, should be fun! I worked with the creation kit before with Skyrim (not too much). However I am sure the amazing tutorial I found on here will get me started. So thanks a lot for that digitalparanoid!

“Why the hell is he posting this in the coding section?”

Because I am currently studying computer science at university in my second year,  finished a 4-year application development study before that and I work as application developer for a while now.  Also I program quite a lot of Java, I got introduced to it for the first time about 4 years ago. I’ve done some things in Python, Perl and C# as well. I did a little C++ to, wrote some modules for ZNC. Nothing to be too proud of (of course the script languages like JavaScript and PHP, however I don’t think those specific skills are required here).

Which means… I like to get involved in some other tasks which relate to “coding” / programming. However before I do that I just want to do some simpler things like making quests and see how things go and get a feeling about the community here. If I feel motivated enough and really feel like I can contribute something here. Of course if that’s is all allowed by the people currently in charge of this project.

Last but not least, this is an awesome idea and I can’t wait to start tomorrow. School projects are school projects, boring  and useless software build for people who don’t even exist. I rather work on something I like. I hope I can learn something from it to, nothing better than expanding my knowledge and contributing to these kind of projects at the same time.

Greetings from the Netherlands! (Yes, the guy who created python was from the Netherlands to! >:D)



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Welcome! I'm just a forumite

Welcome! I'm just a forumite and not a contributor (outside of a few ideas here and there), so I'm not the most authorized person to give you advice... That being said, you'll want to make sure you know Papyrus coding for Skyrim... If you can create instillation .exe files, I know recently there was some talk of need there.

More importantly, just make sure you find quests that haven't been done yet. A lot have, to be honest. A few things that need doing off the top of my head:

1.) Scripting/creating the Dagoth Ur dreams.

2.) Assets. Assets assets assets. They are in desperate need of new assets. If you have imagination and can sculpt, there's a need for you there, too.

Good luck! This is an amazing and ambitious project, and it only gets more awesome each and every day.

EDIT: Fixed two typo's. :)

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Hey BeCipher

Hey BeCipher

the game mechanics department is looking for papyrus users for random event's, and other stuff if your interested contact me. Help is always welcome. :)