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[REL] Morroblivion High Performance VWD

This will be a mod series project focused on creating a VWD set for Morroblivion that delivers good visuals without sacrificing performance.  The goal FPS impact of running this mod versus turning off Distant Lands altogether will be 5 fps maximum. 

The first step is to remove all _Far.NIF files from the Distant Objects.bsa which are incurring a performance hit greater than 5fps.  Once that is done, more _Far.NIF files will slowly be added (if performance allows).  Some _Far.NIF files are used from the base Distant Objects.bsa from Morroblivion, some are taken from previous mod packs such as qwertyasdfgh's Morroblivion VWD (which already shares many_Far.NIF files with the main Morroblivion package).  In the future, some may generated with the FarNifAutoGen tool.



These mods will mainly over-write the "Morrowind_ob - Distant Objects.bsa" but may also include pre-generated LOD files in the future.  Any mods or tools which affect this BSA or the DistantLOD folder, may over-write or be over-written by this mod.



To uninstall this mod, remove the files installed by this mod using a mod-manager or manually finding and deleting them.  Then re-install the "Morrowind_ob - Distant Objects.bsa" from the Morroblivion-v065-Resources File.


Release 1 (2020-July-1)

The first release only covers Vivec City.  All other distant objects have been removed.  The performance impact over disabling Distant Lands is about 1-3fps.  If your FPS is less than 30 frames per second with vanilla Morroblivion v065, then I highly recommend trying out this mod.


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