Morroblivion FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Morroblivion mod that have been asked on the forum.

» General Questions
» Installation
» Gameplay
» Mod Compatibility
» Advanced Questions
» Disclaimer


G E N E R A L   Q U E S T I O N S

Q: What is Morroblivion?
The Morroblivion project seeks to resurrect The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind into the more modern gaming engine of Oblivion. Our goals are to maintain the original experience with the ability bring to bring classic mods over such as Tamriel Rebuilt. While ownership of both games is required the user will experience Morrowind entirely in Oblivion.

Q: I haven't played in years, is there anything notable?
Today, Morroblivion is a fully playable, working game world. Quests, NPCs, creatures, items, and graphical features all have been painstakingly converted, upgraded and/or created by hand to bring a true-to-the-original experience that takes advantage of many of Oblivion's advanced features. Read here for information on the history of the 10+ years of work on the Morroblivion project. 

Current Status (version 0.66)

  • Morrowind: 100% of the main Morrowind game has been completed, and is fairly well debugged (details here). There is very little that gets in the way of a complete Morrowind experience.
  • Tribunal: Main quest is complete and content is 99% complete (some fabricant creature models are not implemented) and playable. Side quests are 100% complete.
  • Bloodmoon: All quests are complete, including main questline, East Empire Company questline and various side quests.

Q: Is this the official site for Morroblivion?
Yes and No. This is a fan-created community and has no official connection with the original creator of Morroblivion, Galadrielle. As it stands today, however, slowly became the official website as years of development took place since v003 with two project branching off Skywind and Skyblivion.

  • is NOT affiliated with Bethesda Softworks or their affiliates or related entities. Please see the disclaimer at the bottom of this page for other important information. provides a place for the modding community to download the latest version of the mod, talk about further development, and exchange images and videos. Please read the Chat and Forum Rules and the Disclaimer before you post content.

» Wasn't Morroblivion shut down by Bethesda?
In 2008 during the beginning of Morroblivion Development, The original thread was shutdown on the official Bethesda forums and hosting on Nexus was taken down at Bethesda's Request. Their reasoning was licensing issues with assets, specifically Morrowind assets in Oblivion.

These legal issues have been resolved with Bethesda Softworks and Morroblivion now requires an installer that verifies an original install of Morrowind and Oblivion.



Q: How do I install Morroblivion?
Visit the Download page  and Installation Instructions on this site for the most current information. Virtually ALL of your installation questions can be answered by careful READING of the information presented. All of the required prerequisites are REQUIRED for Morroblivion to work right - make sure to follow the instructions!

  • This is not a one-click installation process!  An installer is necessary to verify that you own legal copies of Morrowind GOTY and Oblivion GOTY, OBSE and certain third-party mods are required and cannot be bundled with Morroblivion, and there are several options to choose from (such as for creatures, trees and grass) that will make your game look either more like classic Morrowind or incorporate more Oblivion assets into the Morroblivion game world.

If you are having trouble installing Morroblivion, re-read the README files and the FAQs linked in the Download page, use the site's search function to see if there is any information on the problem, and ask in the forum and people will help you. 

If you want to install all your mods with Wrye Bash (highly recommended if you are serious about Oblivion modding), read below for a quick guide.

You should be using one or more of the following utilities to manage your load order:

Q: Can I install Morroblivion in other languages?
Currently, Morroblivion is available in English and German languages. We also have a non-english forum.

If anyone wants to volunteer and make a translation, that would be great. This wouldn't be particularly difficult, just very time consuming as it would involve making a mod that replaces all of the English dialogue with that of another language. The non-English dialogue could be generated from a non-English version of Morrowind using Galadrielle's ESP Converter software (the original game was available in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish), which is available on the download page, or from the original Morrowind game using one of the Morrowind dialogue/translate tools. Or someone who is bilingual can create a new translation directly from the Morroblivion mod using one of the Oblivion dialogue/translate tools.

Q: Can I use the CD/DVD, Steam or GOG release?
Yes, you can! The only thing to be aware of is that occasionally, some mods have slightly different installation instructions for the STEAM version of the game. The only one relevant to Morroblivion is xOblivion Script Extender (OBSE) which is required for Morroblivion.  Read xOBSE installation instructions for details. If you installed Oblivion in C:\Program Files\ and you are running Windows 7, Windows 10/11 or Server 2008, you need to move your Steam installation out of C:\Program Files\, which you can do without reinstalling Steam: How to move Steam installation and games.

» Can I use/install Morroblivion on Linux (using WINE)?
Yes, you can! Several users have pulled this off. Thread here and detailed instructions here.

» Graphics problems, yellow exclamation points, purple triangles, people falling through the floor, etc. Help!
Common crashing / graphics problems (and solutions) include:

» I got the mod installed and I found a bug - what should I do?
Although essentially complete, Morroblivion is technically still in beta, and some bugs remain. Please search before posting bugs.

  • If you found a bug in the game related to quests, NPCs, items etc., create a new topic in Morroblivion Problems Forum.
  • If you think of a large project for the mod (something that needs to be added, upgraded, or changed) check out the Help Requested thread.
  • If you are having problems with installation, hardware, or mod compatibility, please use the Morroblivion Problems Forum.

» Why does Morroblivion run slowly, why is my framerate low?
For a variety of reasons, areas in Morrowind, especially cities, can be more demanding on computer hardware than Oblivion. The simple fact is, big mods require big hardware, regardless of what mod it is (see the requirements of Better Cities for example).

For optimum performance, this means:

  • a fast processor (e.g. 3.0Ghz+, Oblivion does not support multi-core processors, so clock speed is more important than the number of cores),
  • lots of ram (e.g. at least 2GB, preferably 4GB+), and
  • a reasonably modern video card (e.g. at least a Geforce 9800GT or Radeon 5670 level of card). If you're using extensive texture replacers or running with a lot of extra shaders (OBGE/OR for example), you should have at minimum 1GB (1024MB) of graphics memory and a modern, high-end card (GTX 470 or higher, Raedon 5700 or higher).  A 512MB card will work for the normal game, as long as it's a fast card, but don't expect too much out of it.  In general, an older top-of-the-line card is preferrable to a newer inexpensive card.

Having an older computer or a low-end video card certainly doesn't mean you can't run Morroblivion - it just means you may have to turn your graphics settings down accordingly, especially when you travel to Morrowind.


» How do I travel between Oblivion and Morrowind worldspace (Cyrodiil and Vvardenfell)?
You can't travel between the worlds without the "world transport" mod, which are installed alongside the main Morroblivion mod.  Read the installation instructions, as well as the instructions that come with the "world transport" mod.

The most robust transport mod is currently the Chargen And Transport (CAT) mod.

Also, there are several mods that provide additional means of transport (used in conjunction with one of the two mods above) including the ability to walk between Cyrodiil and Vvardenfell, as well as a transport spell. Check out the list of mods here

» How do I start the main quest?
You have to be a level four character to start the main quest. This isn't strictly enforced in Morrowind, but we did it for a reason, detailed here.

» How do I start the Tribunal and Bloodmoon quests?
For Tribunal, you have to complete either the Morrowind main quest OR one of the major faction questlines and be level 15 or above. This is an intentional change from original Morrowind (where Tribunal questline could be started at level 1, right after new game) as Tribunal expansion was made for high level characters and this makes more sense story-wise.

For Bloodmoon, you can just take the ship from Khuul, or swim there with no additional requirements.

» Are there quest markers like in Oblivion?
Yes by default, but they can be toggled off in Morroblivion INI file. Although not 100% of the quest stages have them, they are mostly there.

» Is there fast travel like in Oblivion?
Yes. This can also be toggled on and off in Morroblivion INI file. However, you have to discover a location before you can fast-travel to it.

» Do NPC's have artificial intelligence / scheduling like in Oblivion?
Yes. This is a work in progress, but you will see that many NPCs, especially in towns, are far more dynamic than in Morrowind.

» Does all NPC dialogue have voice-overs - even though the original Morrowind did not?
No! It is highly recommended that you install Morrowind Voiced Greetings and Combat  which brings the ORIGINAL voiced dialogue to the Morroblivion mod (for a variety of reasons, this is a separate download). However, these are just the (limited) original Morrowind voice-overs.

There is, however, an ongoing project to voice all 52,158 lines of dialogue in Morrowind. You can check up on the work in progress and download the most recent version here.

  • If you represent a large group of talented, professional voice actors with your own recording studio and you are willing to voice all of the dialogue for FREE and grant a perpetual, unlimited license to the use of your voices, then PLEASE CONTACT US! :-)

There is also an ongoing project to create computer-generated voiced dialogue. It sounds a lot better than you probably think!

» Are Morroblivion creatures/loot/npc's/merchants leveled like in Oblivion?
Background: In default Oblivion, many of the game's aspects change as your character's level increases.  For example, a certain boss creature will always be at a level that is five level's higher than your character's current level.  This is applied across the game, but this was not the case in Morrowind.  This is a controversial topic, and there are many mods available that change the way leveling works in Oblivion (such as FCOM, OOO, etc).

The only part of the Morrowind worldspace that is leveled are the leveled lists that have been added to merchant inventories so that you will at least have access to some leveled items in the game (if you want to buy them that is).  Virtually all merchants sell appropriate leveled items (i.e. a clothier sells leveled clothes, an armorer sells leveled armor) in addition to their usual inventory of Morrowind items.

Other than that, nothing else is leveled. Creatures, quest awards, loot, npc's, etc. are all fixed like they were in the original Morrowind. Maybe some day someone will make a mod for this, but considering that (1) that would be a huge amount of work and (2) many people go to great lengths to remove leveled items/npc's etc. from the original Oblivion game - things will probably remain the way they are for now.

» Why doesn't a particular quest or game feature work yet?
This is due to the very different systems in Morrowind and Oblivion for handling dialogue and quests. This means that each quest has to be manually edited and scripted by hand. For example, just converting the House Redoran quests alone took an estimated 100+ hours. Please read the installation instructions that come with the mod for details on the status of specific quests.

Experienced Oblivion modders, quest authors and scripters are needed; please see the lists Help Requested thread to help out with the project!



M O D  C O M P A T I B I L I T Y

» What additional "made for Morroblivion" mods are there?
There is a list posted here that includes all 'additional content' mods for Morroblivion that are not incorporated into the main project. 

Some of these mods are not incorporated because they cannot be (e.g. world transport mods); others are not incorporated because they are not "true to the original Morrowind" types of mods (e.g. graphics replacers, additional content, etc.)

» Is Morroblivion compatible with MOD X, Y or Z?
Morroblivion takes place in its own worldspace and should not conflict with anything that modifies the Oblivion worldspace. FCOM, MMM, OOO, Fran, Unique Landscapes, and the big Oblivion quest mods typically work fine with Morroblivion. Some players have used over 250 mods in conjunction with Morroblivion.

Ultimately, whether a mod affects Morroblivion or not depends on what the mod does and how it is written. Any custom clothing, armor, etc., should be unaffected.  New cities, quests, and anything else that goes on in the Oblivion worldspace should be unaffected.  Morroblivion is similar to entering the Shivering Isles. Nothing on your character changes, but the surroundings are not familiar.

However, mods that affect gameplay mechanics (leveling, difficulty, realism etc.) have not been as thoroughly tested. Mods like Real Hunger will probably function as intended, however, these types of mods may rely on certain things that will not be present in the Morroblivion worldspace (like Oblivion food items).

If you experience a mod compatibility problem that is without a doubt caused by incompatibility with Morroblivion, please post it in the appropriate Forum.

» » Mods that should work just fine:

  • Unofficial Patches: The Unofficial Oblivion Patch, Shivering Isles Patch, and other DLC Patches work fine and are highly recommended and/or required.
  • Utilities: Oblivion Graphics Extender, Oblivion Script Extender, Oblivion Mod Manager, Wrye Bash, Better Oblivion Sorting Software, TES4Edit, the Construction Set, the Construction Set Extender etc. all work fine.
  • User interface: Custom UI's like DARNified UI and BTMod work fine.  Using DARNified UI's extended conversation window abilities helps a lot with all of the dialogue topics that Morroblivion uses.
  • New Areas & Quests: Blood & Mud, Elsweyr, The Lost Spires, and other big quest mods, etc. should be fine.
  • Texture packs: Using texture packs for Oblivion (like Qarl's or the Vibrant textures) should have no impact on Morroblivion.
  • Graphics, Animations, and Audio: These depend on how the mod works. If a mod changes each individual NPC face to make them more attactive, like TNR, Morrowind will remain unchanged. If the mod changes the base race meshes and textures, like some of the male and female body replacers, then Morrowind NPCs will be affected (that is, they will use the new bodies). Still, this is unlikely to cause any significant problems.
  • Custom hair, eyes, weapons, armor, clothes, items, spells, birthsigns, factions, classes, etc.: These should all work fine.
  • Companion mods: CM Partners, Ruined Tale, Vilja, etc.  Companions are compatible with Morrowind's transport options (Boat, Silt Strider etc.), as well as the transport mods that connect Morrowind and Cyrodiil.  Most good companion mods include a way to summon the companion back to your side if you lose them in Morroblivion, so this shouldn't be much of a problem.  Some work has been done on adding CM Partners for Morroblivion as well.

» » Mods that may have an issue or two but nothing serious:

  • Overhauls: FCOM, OOO, Francesco's, MMM, Unique Landscapes, Better Cities, COBL etc. usually work fine because they don't usually impact the Morrowind worldspace. However, some of these overhauls, particularly FCOM, make many changes to the game's mechanics, such as leveling, economics, and guard behavior, so be careful.  You should either: carefully consider what each option does when you are installing FCOM, OR: just track down and install the components of FCOM that you really want separately, and don't install FCOM at all.  Enhanced Economy typically works fine when in Morrowind.
  • Custom races: should work fine, unless there are any Morrowind quests that rely on the character being a specific race.  If you run into a problem when playing with a custom race, please post it.
  • Gameplay and Combat mods: some may or may not work right - more testing is needed on these types of mods - Deadly Reflex should work just fine (so try it yourself!).  Compatibility of other combat mods (Duke Patrick's et al.) are unknown but they should work. Stealth Overhaul is reported to be working fine.

» » Mods that MAY NOT work properly in the Morrowind worldspace:

  • Some Leveling mods: There are a lot of leveling mods, but the basic idea is that if the mod counts "experience" each time you kill something, then you probably won't get experience from killing Morrowind creatures, as the mod won't 'count' these creatures. If the leveling mod works the way Oblivion normally does, and counts the number of times you use a skill, then it will probably work fine. Realistic Leveling works fine.
  • Some Realism and Immersion mods: Mods that require the player to do 'realistic' things, like eat, drink, and sleep may not 'count' morrowind food/beverages to satisfy hunger/thirst - for example, Real Diseases does not 'count' Morrowind diseases (thread) and there may be problems with some "resist disease" objects from Oblivion working properly in Morrowind. However, Real Hunger now works fine if you use our patch for Morrowind Food Items.
  • Animal, creature, flora and fauna mods: Mods that depend on certain creatures that are not present in Morrowind - for example, Docile Animals does not 'count' morrowind animals (thread). Additionally, some alchemy and/or flora/fauna mods may not 'count' Morrowind ingredients/flora/fauna.


A D V A N C E D   Q U E S T I O N S

Q: How can I help with the project?
Anyone may contribute to this project and create content! However we highly recommend that you have a strong understanding of Morrowind and Oblivion modding.

The Oblivion Construction Set can be downloaded from the Construction Set Wiki, on this page. The Morrowind Construction set, which is very useful for comparing the original intent of Morrowind with the features of the Morroblivion mod, is included on the Morrowind CD-ROM. The Morroblivion Mod, however, is built in the Oblivion version of the Construction Set.

The current incarnation of the Morroblivion Mod is an .ESM (master) file, and each person working on a part of the project develops an .ESP (plugin) file that is later merged in to the Master. See ESP vs. ESM if you are unfamiliar. This allows even very small bug fixes to easily be posted by anyone in the community.

If you submit an ESP file to merge it with the master file, DO NOT keep working on the same ESP - start a new one! 

Required reading:

Recommended programs:

Once you feel like you've got that down, and you know how to use the construction set, check the forums to see what still needs to be done!

» How do I convert Morrowind Mods to work in Morroblivion?

If you're familiar with the tools used in Oblivion modding, it shouldn't be too hard, but the important thing to know is that for small, simple mods, it might be faster to build your mod from scratch in the Oblivion construction set than to convert it - it depends on the mod. There is a basic guide on mod conversion here that should help you get started.

» Why should I play Morroblivion vs. Morrowind Overhaul vs. Morrowind 2011 vs. OpenMW
Really, you should play both. But if you have played Morrowind before, then you should give Morroblivion a try. There are a ton of differences between Morrowind and Oblivion in general, so read this page first and it should answer most of your questions. If your searching for the best original Morrowind experience then OpenMW is the best option.

Below is a list of the most commonly discussed differences between playing Morroblivion and Morrowind - that is, these are the Frequently Asked Questions on this topic. 

In terms of graphics I have deliberately left this section out for a couple of reasons. First, graphics are extremely subjective - beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Second, graphics depend drastically on a ton of different factors - base graphics settings, .ini settings, Oblivion Reloaded/ MG(X)E settings, what shaders you are using, what your settings are on those shaders, what texture and mesh replacements you are using etc. Both games can be made to look really, really good (or, really bad). Decide for yourself - compare some of the screenshots for the Morrowind Overhaul mod package with some of the Morroblivion screenshots in our gallery.

Travel and Transport Morroblivion Morrowind
Play both games with one character Yes No
Travel between both game worlds Yes No
Quest Markers Yes No
Fast Travel (by map) Yes No
Slow Travel (by transport) Yes Yes
Mark & Recall Spells Yes Yes
Intervention (Divine/Almsivi) Spells Yes Yes
Levitation/Slowfall Spells Yes Yes
NPC Behavior Morroblivion Morrowind
Radiant AI Yes No *
Some NPCs Essential (un-killable) Yes No *
Combat Morroblivion Morrowind
Combat (default)* Oblivion skill-based* Morrowind dice-roll *
Combat (modded)* Deadly Reflex* 100%-hit mod, block mod *
Recover your arrows Yes No
Thrown weapons No (items not included) Yes
Crossbows and Spears No (crossbows not included) Yes
Medium Armor Skill No (items included, moved to light/heavy categories) Yes
Cast-when-used magic items Yes   (work in progress)    Yes 
Leveled loot/NPCs/creatures No  No
Morrowind Spells (not present in vanilla Oblivion) Morroblivion Morrowind
Jump spell Yes (with optional mod) Yes
Sanctuary spell No Yes
Sound spells No Yes
Blind spells No Yes
Levitate spells Yes Yes
Slowfall spells Yes Yes
Divine / Almsivi Intervention spells Yes Yes
Mark / Recall spells Yes Yes
Mods and Modding Morroblivion Morrowind
Mod Catalog Oblivion's (30,000+) Morrowind's (8,700+)
Graphics Oblivion Reloaded MGE / MGXE
Scripts xOBSE MWSE
Translations available Yes (German only) Yes
Cheating / playing to win Morroblivion Morrowind
Unlimited training No (5 per level) * Yes *
All vendors buy stolen items No (Thieves guild only) * Yes *
All vendors buy skooma / moon sugar No No *
Skill bonuses over 100 (potion guzzling) No (capped at 100) Yes *
Acrobatics = 100, jump over a town No Yes *
Enemies will pass through doors Yes No

* These items can be changed with mods, the Morrowind Code Patch, etc. to a greater or lesser degree. For example, there is a Morrowind mod that makes shops lock their doors at night, but it isn't true Radiant AI...

» How do I install Morroblivion with the installers feature of Wrye Bash? Wrye Bash is a great tool for managing mods, save games, screenshots and more.  This is a quick guide to help Morroblivion users, but there are detailed instructions on using Wrye Bash included with the most recent version, as well as in the Pictorial Guide PDFs, which I highly recommend.

Simple Wrye Bash Guide for Morroblivion

Once you have downloaded and installed Wrye Bash, and the program itself is up and running, click on the Installers Tab. The program will ask you if you want to use the Installers function, and if so, it will take some time to initialize, depending on how many mods you have and the speed of your machine.

Once that is done, you should find that you have new folders on your computer. If your Oblivion installation is in c:\games\oblivion\ , you will find a new folder in c:\games\oblivion mods\. It is not a subfolder of your main Oblivion folder. From there, the folder we are interested in is c:\games\oblivion mods\bash installers\

Open the Bash Installers folder in Windows. 

If you are using the complete installation, then just move the 2.0 GB .7z file you downloaded to the Bash Installers folder, then go back to Wrye Bash's installers tab, right click on Morroblivion, and choose "Install".

That's it.

Understanding the Installers Tab & Install Order

On the Installers Tab, CTRL+UP and CTRL+DOWN can be used to adjust the installation order of each mod before you install (note that you should sort the list by the 'order' column). You can also right-click a mod and send the mod to a certain position on the list.

Mods that are installed "later" (higher numbers) will overwrite any other mods IF they have conflicting files. This isn't an issue with most mods, but if you had two different texture-replacer mods that altered the same textures, the mod that was later on the install list would be the one you actually see in-game. If you chose to re-order the mods, Wrye Bash will Auto-Anneal (i.e. automatically fix) the installs accordingly so that the later mods are installed later. (Note: make sure Auto-Anneal is turned on by right clicking the column header row in the Installers tab and checking the settings)

Note that for Morroblivion, you should make sure that the Install Order for each mod is the same as what is recommended in the most current Morroblivion readme file! Install order (managed on the "Installers" tab) is different from load order (managed on the "Mods" tab) - both are important!

Once you have your install order sorted out, you can right click on each mod and choose "Install" from the menu.

Understanding the Mods Tab & Load Order

Once you have your mod[s] installed via Wrye Bash, and you have followed all of the other installation instructions for Morroblivion, the final task is to check your load order on the "Mods" tab to make sure that Oblivion.esm comes first, followed IMMEDIATELY by Morrowind_ob.esm. CTRL+UP and CTRL+DOWN can be used to change the load order of a selected mod, but make sure that the mod list is sorted by the load order column in the first place.

Once you have your load order sorted out, you can click on the checkbox on the left to "activate" the appropriate ESP or ESM file.

Upgrading to a new version of a mod with Wrye Bash

If you installed an older version with Wrye Bash and you need to upgrade your installation of Morroblivion to a new version, you just do this:

  • In the "Mods" tab of Wrye Bash, uncheck the box next to Morroblivion to disable it from loading
  • In the "Installers" tab, right click the mod and choose "Uninstall" and wait for it to be done.
  • Copy all files from the updated version of the mod that you downloaded to a new folder, like:
    c:\games\oblivion mods\bash installers\Morroblivion vXXX\
    (where vXXX is the version of the mod, e.g. v050)
  • Optionally, delete the folder with the old version of Morroblivion
  • Go back to Wrye Bash. It will recognize that the contents have changed in c:\games\oblivion mods\bash installers\  Wait for it to be done analyzing the files. 
  • Verify that your file structure is correct based on the Bash color codes and then right click the new version and choose "Install"
  • Make sure the new version is enabled on the "Mods" tab and that the load order is correct (i.e. run BOSS to sort your load order).

Installing other mods with Wrye Bash

Just follow the same steps as you did for Morroblivion!  If the mod is pre-packaged correctly for Wrye Bash, just copy it's .zip, .rar, or .7z file to the "Bash Installers" folder.  Otherwise, create a folder under "Bash Installers", extract the mod's files into it, install it in "Bash Installers" tab, make sure your install order is correct, and then go to the "Mods" tab and make sure your load order is correct (I just run BOSS) and enable the mod (checkbox)

This comes in very handy for installing and testing optional components of Morroblivion, such as temporary bug fixes, texture replacers, and world transport mods. 




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