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Unofficial Expansions Integrated for Morroblivion alpha 1

Unofficial  Expansions Integrated  for Morroblivion alpha 1

This is an alpha version of Expansions Integrated, that has been ported to Morroblivion using Modexporter
Known Issues:
Tribunal-only version not included.

Expansions Integrated  original readme:
Expansions Integrated


This mod integrates (much of) the content of the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions within the rest of the game world. Many items and creatures from the expansions, which could previously be found only in Mournhold or Solstheim, can now be found throughout Vvardenfell.
Dragon32's Expansion Integration does something very similar, and partly inspired this mod. This mod makes a number of different decisions than Dragon32's mod does in terms of which items/creatures to integrate and how to do so. Use whichever one you like best (though obviously not both).
Much of the item placement in this mod (and all of the creature placement) is done via leveled lists, though a number of items are handplaced. This mod incorporates Adamantium Armor Integrated, which handplaces one instance of each Adamantium armor piece in Vvardenfell, so there's no need to use that mod along with this one.
The following items and creatures are integrated in one way or another by this mod:
- Tribunal armor: Adamantium, Dark Brotherhood
- Tribunal weapons: Adamantium (including Adamantium Jinkblade of Wounds), Ebony Scimitar (unenchanted)
- Tribunal clothing: Common Pants, Shirt and Shoes
- Tribunal ingredients: All except Adamantium Ore
- Tribunal creatures: Durzog (four types), Centurion Archer (two types), Advanced Steam Centurion, Greater Ancestor Ghost, Lich
- Bloodmoon armor: Wolf, Bear, Nordic Mail
- Bloodmoon weapons: Huntsman, Nordic Silver, Berserker (enchanted), Blood Axe, Winterwound Dagger
- Bloodmoon clothing: Common Pants, Robe, Shirt and Shoes
- Bloodmoon ingredients: All except Raw Stalhrim, Snow Bear and Snow Wolf Pelt, and Wolfsbane Petals
- Bloodmoon drink: Nord Mead
- Bloodmoon creatures: Grizzly Bear, Plague Bear, Tusked Bristleback, Wolf (two types), Plague Wolf, Dire Frost Atronach, Bonewolf, Skeleton Berserker (two types), Greater Skeleton Champion
A couple of the expansions' creatures have been added at levels lower than when they can be found in the expansion. For example, War Durzogs can be encountered at level 20 in Vvardenfell. Users of Tribunal Rebalance and Bloodmoon Rebalance will have an easier time of this.

Also included is an optional Tribunal-only version, for those who don't like the addition of the Bloodmoon items/creatures. Note that the Tribunal-only version also omits the fix to the Greater Skeleton Champion and the change to the Blood Axe enchantment described below.
The Details section below lists most of the specific changes made by this mod. See also the "spoilers" document in the archive for a list of locations of certain items (Adamantium armor and weapons) that have been placed by hand.
Original - https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/47861

Download - https://mega.nz/file/kuZjkYQJ#eP3W1tcQW28Ake1TLUX6wPqDZ0ZmDp...

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