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[LIST] Morroblivion Compatibility Patches

This is the place where I'll gather all compatibility patches between Morroblivion and other popular (or not) Oblivion mods. Patches require the original mod to function, unless stated otherwise.

 Cava Obscura 
- Darkens Morroblivion dungeon interiors. Note: this patch doesn't technically require original Cava Obscura to be installed.
Download: Forum thread

 Common Oblivion (COBL) 
- Patch for Lighthouse Home. Adds a COBL Alchemy Sorter and the Luggage to the Lighthouse Home. Use only if you have Lighthouse Home mod installed.
Download: Google Drive, Forum thread

 Storms and Sound 
- Adds weather effects to Vvardenfell interiors.
Download: MediaFire 

 See You Sleep 
- Adds sleeping animations to Morrowind beds. NOT needed if using See You Sleep DLL (which I recommend).
Download: MediaFire

 Supreme Magicka 
- Poison patch. Makes Morroblivion poison spells use real poison effect from SM.
Download: MediaFire 
- Spell vendors patch. Adds new spells from SM to Morroblivion spell vendors.
Download: Forum thread

 The Lost Spires 
- Only needed when using Voiced Greeting addon for Morroblivion (aka Morrowind_ob - Conversation.esp). Resolves a conflict in dialogue conditions.
Download: MediaFire

Reznod Mannequins
- Adds Mannequins to Ra'Virr's merchandise.
Download: Google Drive, Forum thread

Basic Primary Needs
Adds support for special morrowind liquors, eating utensils, and water sources.
Download: Forum thread

Better Music System
Download: Forum thread

FF Real Thirst
Adds wells and barrels at all strongholds, towns, and ashlander camps.
Download: Forum thread

TIE - Tamriel Immersion Experience
Adjusts Morroblivion weapons damage to TIE standards.
Download: Forum thread


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