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Edryno Arethi won't give Ashlander Ebony quest?

After finishing the prerequisite quest, Exterminator [QUST:0100346F], when I ask Edryno Arethi [ACHR:0186B742/NPC_:0126038D/CELL:01480426] for more "Business", she replies "The business of Vardenfell is the ebony trade." But there are no further conversation topics to initiate the next quest, Ashlander Ebony [QUST:01003455].

I did not have this problem in previous playthroughs, so I assume I must be missing some prerequisite other than the previous quest. But after searching the docs and online, I haven't found any mention of any other requirements? I'm rank Kinsman in House Hlaalu and have started construction of my stronghold.