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Morroblivion History

I have always valued history as you can learn things from it or it always contained good stories. I've decided we should have a history page. What I ask from older forum members is that, they tell me the history of Morroblivion starting with Galladrielle till David took over, because I don't know much about it to write. Also if anybody has the archive, if we can link to the past versions it may be cool.


This page is still a work in progress.





Morroblivion was actually made possible by the program which was designed by the modder "Galladrielle". I couldn't find the exact date it came out, but the earliest post I found at his own part at a forum marked 06/27/2007.




It happened at February 4, 2008. Bethesda prevented Morroblivion from developing as  it may eventually cause playing Morrowind without buying it. Bethesda also informed if it was only their game they would be ok with it, however Morrowind had some work from other companies which may sue Bethesda. I've also noted that it caused more protest than I imagined. Their reputation was really harmed because of this.

Here is the link of TesNexus's admin's clearification: http://www.thenexusforums.com/index.php?showtopic=49000



Zach started the Morroblivion.com site on May 22, 2008 as a place for people to get together and work on the mod.  It is thanks to him that we have this site and community forums!



AUTHOR'S NOTE: First of all I want to put most of the credit to David Budreck's organized work. He almost wrote a summary for every single version till the current one which made this possible. I've basically copied them and changed the tenses and "I"s to David Budreck.


Version 01: 09/13/2010

There was no summary of this version so David used the greatest tool of all times to give me some information. His memory. Here is a direct quotation:

"v001 was first and foremost a cleaning of the file created during conversion. When opening an original from conversion in the Construction Set, there were hundreds of errors. My first goal was to clean that up.

I then substituted Vvardenfell Imports meshes for Morrowind meshes at the Master Level.

This had the unfortunate effect of rendering John117's "Armors Restored" mod obsolete and incompatible, which I have always regretted because he put so much work into it, was one of the original mods I used when playing, and would NOT have stayed around or played through what I did without it.

I believe I also went through the entire list of NPC's, top to bottom, making it so that all Merchants would trade properly."


Version 02: 09/19/2010

  • 24 articles of Morrowind Clothing have been updated. A copule of these have been redirected at other existing Morrowind clothes, but the majority have been redirected to Oblivion items. This addressed conspicuous invisible body parts on NPC's.


Version 03: 

 David Budreck told this about this version at his summary:

"This version starts to make Morrowind playable. From now on things will only get better..."


Also this version had a three version for itself.


V03-A: 10/01/2010

This basically did not work. It was a bad merge.


V03-B: 10/02/2010

It contained things that supposedly be contained by V03-A. This practically was only a fix.


V03-D: 10/13/2010

V03-C was directly merged with D and released together. It had enormous fixes, while having no new content.


v003-C Added:

  • Missing Dialog from Morrowind Rebuilt by the Queen of the Ashlands
  • Cliffracer Hotfix supplied by Eloth
  • Hlaalu Helms have been fixed
  • Morrowind/Oblivion Hotfix for compatibility between Morrowind and Oblivion Quests
  • Suppressed annoying "Current Events" chatter by NPC's as if Morrowind was a distant place...


v003-D Added:

  •  Morrowind/Oblivion Hotfix has been updated to a better, more Permanent Fix
  • Some Faction Relations have been tweaked (but people still don't really care for each other)
  • Minor Landscaping in Balmora
  • Main Quest has been Debugged through the first Quest and into the Second



Version 04: 10/16/2010

  • Cleanup to fix errors in Conversion and/or Merging. This addresses nearly all remaining errors.
  • Missing Dwemer Machinery and Corridors from the Conversion. These have been supplied by Eloth.
  • Missing Lava Vents supplied by Eloth.
  • LOD Meshes for Vivic Cantons by Yoshomo
  • Ash Storms by Yoshimo (these look really Great!)
  • Creatures 1.2 by Yoshimo
  • Creatures 1.3 by Yoshimo
  • Additional object placements and item tweaking by Yoshimo

This version brings back nearly all native denezins of Vvardenfell, along with some really great effects for Ash Storms. The addition of missing Dwemer meshes was very welcome as well.


Version 05:

No Direct Data, but I predict from old posts that it contained some items by Eloth.


Version 06: 10/19/2010

  • Version 06 includes the Main Quest debugged through Quest #7 Sixth House Base and into Quest #8 Corprus Cure.
  • Armor Rebalance by Sot
  • Economy Rebalance by Rosenkreuz.


Version 07: 10/23/2010 

  • Queen of Ashlands and Eloth brought back nearly every magic ring, amulet and weapon, an Eloth made them accessible through Leveled Lists and by adding them to NPC inventories.
  • As now their weapons are added to the game, NPC were not unarmed anymore. It was noted By David Budreck that this was one the fundamental problems left from conversion.
  • Yoshimo added Eloth's Steam Centurion to the game and Leveled Lists.



Version 08: 10/25/2010

  •  The Main Quest had been finished through #9 Mehra Milo and the Lost Prophisies, and into #10 The Path of the Incarnate.

Yoshimo added:

  • Wide assortment of fixes including the beginnings of removal of all non-functional projectile weapons,
  • The addition of the pools in Urshilaku Burial Caverns using Eloth's model,
  • A cluster of sidequests in Ald'Ruhn with Iendus Sarandus,
  • A sidequest near Pelagiad with Maurrie Aurmine and Nelos Onmar,
  • Enabling of all the initially disabled Dwemer architectural tiles and
  • Alchemical apparatus effectiveness balancing.


  • Also there were some usual object placement fixes, vendor fixes, AI fixes, factional relation fixes, container fixes, and spell and enchantment fixes.


Version 09: 10/27/2010

Here is a direct quote of Yoshimo from the readme of the mod which practically made version 9:

This mod aims to remove all unusable Morrowind arrows, crossbow bolts, throwing stars, throwing knifes, and darts from the game. It will replace them with usable Oblivion arrows and make sure the modded NPCs have their bows. It probably eliminates 99.5 percent of them. There were a few items related to quests I have not played and do not understand. There are some silver Blood Moon arrows I do not know about and a whole gang of thieves with black darts. There is a sidequest where you are given ebony throwing stars as a reward. I have not touched any of that stuff. But I think a person should now be able to often play for a whole evening.


Version 10: 10/29/2010

  • Yoshimo had placed Hashmi's Kwama Queen in 38 Egg Mines and had done more cleanup on several dungeons. 
  • He had included fixes for creatures, factions, and loot in Ilunibi and Tel Fyr. Fixes for spells, enchanted weapons, vendors, object placement, non-wild guar AI, NPCs, and other stuff.


  • This version also included some Dwemer Meshes that were still disabled, pointed out by Panda, as well as a rob that made NPC wrists invisible that David Budreck had missed when replacing clothing.


  • This version also included a custom Icon for Malipu-Ataman's Belt made for m by gbrassfield and Hashmi.


Version 11: 10/31/2010

  • v011 contained a fix for "Meldor," a Bosmer Armorer in Balmora that apparently got lost in Conversion. The Frederick pointed this out.


Here is a direct copy-paste from David Budreck’s version summary:

The Main Quest was ready for a release anyway. I had been floundering with the Path of the Incarnate for what seemed like forever in between back to back to back releases from Eloth and Yoshimo.

So, I have gotten past the Path of the Incarnate, and past the first of three Hortator Quests.

Thank you again to The Queen of The Ashlands! I would NEVER have been able to do this myself. It is AMAZING how much time and effort she had put into this!


Version 12: 11/07/2010

A direct quotation from David Budreck’s summary:

v012 was a lot of fun! It was especially nice to get some feedback!
* Thank you to the Hyperion Witch!
* Thank you to Panda!
* Thank you to Frederick!


  • This version included the Main Quest debugged through the end of the Fourth Trial.
  • This version also addressed Huleeya. If you try to leave the Black Shalk Corner Club with Huleeya without first placating the thugs, they will attack you. David Budreck also strung Dagoth Gares' speech together so the player doesn’t pick a slew of dialog topics (and possibly making small talk about Dunmer and Morrowind).


  • David Budreck also made Caius actually leave his room when recalled. He now turns ownership of the room properly over to the player so the player isn't stealing things! And, he tidies up a little before leaving. This makes Caius' Room truly usable as a player home, while not straying from lore.
  • David Budreck cleaned up the "%PC..." from ALL Dialog. Some Chump deserved some credit on this by pointing out a much easier way of doing this.


  • Caravaneers were made essential, so they won't foul up Silt Strider Transport if they fall off their perch.
  • Panda had also spotted a couple of items of troublesome clothing that David had missed.


Version 13:  11/14/2010

  • This release was mostly about the Main Quest. David Budreck had finished debugging the Fourth and Fifth Trials, and on to meeting Vivec in his Palace.
  • David fixed a couple of bugs pointed out by Hyperion Witch.
  • David also capitalized all the dialog topics.


Version 14: 11/27/2010

After this version people did not use the converter built by Galadrielle. All the files were uploaded so people can download them safely.

  • This version included the complete Morrowind main quest.
  • David Budreck rebuilt all the Morrowind Leveled Lists based off a Master provided by Eloth where he had put placeholders in for all the creatures to preserve them.
  •  Fully Rebuilt Leveled List and Creature Spawnpoints
  • Radits' Crime Fix
  • All Dagoth's have had their aggression increased significantly
  • The Resist Disease given at Tel Fyr will now all be Resist Disease instead of Silence
  • Capitalized all Dialog Topics so they don't look so sloppy
  • Eloth has provided a fix for Cliffraces that makes them lootable and gives them full world Havoc, meaning, no more etherial Cliffracers hovering in mid air! He has also improved their behavior.


Version 15: 12/12/2010

  • Version 15 contained numerous bug fixes and improvements.
  • Firs stage of House Redoran
  • First stage of Morag Tong.
  • Eloth had updated these creatures:
    1. Alit with Havok
    2. Betty Netch
    3. Bull Netch
    4. Greater Bonewalker (Lesser Bonewalkers now use these as Placeholders instead of Zombies)
    5. Kagouti with Havok
    6. Nix-Hound with Havok
    7. Scribb fix with Partial Havok

People had an effect on this version was:

  •  Eloth
  • Raditz
  • Didact1
  • Seferoth
  • ChasenCharran
  • HelpfulPerson


Version 16: 12/19/2010

  • David Budreck updated Guild Advancement for all eleven joinable Factions (not including Vampires). This included monitoring Skills, Abilities, and Quests Completed, and communication back and forth between each quest, the Advancement Quest, and supporting Dialog.
  • It  is made but not checked that you can join every guild in Morrowind.
  • House Redoran Quest Line
  • Morag Tong Quest Line
  • Shalk by Eloth
  • Dwarven Spectres by Hashmi
  • Updated audio provided by Eloth & Didact for the confrontation with Dagoth Ur
  • David Budreck assigned Oblivion Quest Icons to ALL Morrowind Quests


Version 17: 01/09/2011

  • David Budreck finished Hause Hlaalu and Telvanni up to these points:

              House Hlaalu: completed all of Nileno Dorvayn's Quests, plus the first stage of the Stronghold  

              House Telvanni is actually most of the way complete; all but 11 Quests are complete.

  • A few other miscellaneous bug fixes. David updated the aggression of every NPC in Balmora, etc.
  • David identified and fixed the issues with Map Marker placement on the map


  • Ascended Sleeper with Havoc by Eloth
  • Kwama Worker with Havoc by Eloth
  • Neon Lights by Eloth
  • A fix for the smoke effects near Red Mountain by Eloth
  • Updated furniture Markers by Eloth


  • Didact's Wonderful Patch that included more enchanted items and over 200 NPC Faces
  • More of Chasen's beautiful Redguard Females
  • Radits' Morag Tong Dialog Patch
  • An update to the World Transport mod now gives two options for starting the Oblivion Main Quest.


Version 18: 01/16/2011 

  • Entire House Telvanni Quest Line
  • Morag Tong Patch that should fix remaining issues with joining the Morag Tong
  • Bonewalkers by Eloth.


Version 19: 01/30/2011

  • Entire House Hlaalu Quest Line
  • Freeing Slaves were started to be tracked and updated properly.
  • Quest Markers had been added for the Morag Tong.


Version 20: 02/11/2010

  • AI and faces in Gnaar Mok by Didact
  • Enchantment Fixes by Noebus (considering differences in Morrowind/Oblivion)
  • Animated Silt Strider by Hashmi
  • 5 Bloodmoon Quests by Orator


  • Entire Quest Lines by the Queen of the Ashlands:
  1. Fighters' Guild Quest Line
  2. Mages' Guild Quest Line
  3. Thieves' Guild Quest Line
  4. Tribunal Temple Quest Line
  5. Imperial Cult Quest Line
  6. Imperial Legion Quest Line
  7. Many Miscellaneous Quests by the Queen of the Ashlands


Author’s note: David also pointed out at this summary that this was the greatest update till that time period. Today is 09/16/2011 and current version is 42 and I still say that even though it contained a lot of bugs it still was the biggest version ever released and turning point for whole project.


Version 21: 02/13/2010

  • Queen of Ashlands finished the rest of the Miscellaneous Quests.
  • Vivec Restored by Hashmi
  • Vampire Clan Quests by Ddmlink
  • The Bitter Cup Retexture by Helpfulperson
  • The first part of Thermador's Merchants/Cell Ownerhip fix.
  • Addressed a couple of miscellaneous bugs, like Advancement past Mouth in House Telvanni.


After this version all the quests from Morrowind was finished.


Version 22: 02/19/2011

  • Addresses a Significant Bug introduced in v021 that caused most Merchants not to trade.
  • Addresses problems with not being able to finish Meeting Sul-Matuul & Starting Sixth House Base.
  • Addresses several pieces of armor that had missed or gotten wrong when version was updated to 22.
  • Updated the AI on approximately 2/3 of all NPC's. This should stop NPC's from attacking on sight!
  • Additional Items & Placements by Nobeus
  • Faction corrections for Mages' & Fighters' Guilds by Nobeus
  • Finished resolving conflicts in Vampire Clan Quests by Ddmlink
  • The first two parts of the Tribunal Main Quest by Orator
  • The first parts of Bloodmoon, including some Werewolf Preparation by The Queen of the Ashlands
  • Updated & Improved Vivec by Hashmi


Version 23: 02/27/2011

  • Some bug fixes about merchants caused by bad merging of quests of Queen of Ashlands by David Budreck.
  • All the armor was tweaked by Nobeus
  • Creatures Rebalance by Nobeus
  • Picture Books by Nobeus
  • Enchanting & Spellmaking by Nobeus
  • All disabled lights weren enabled by Nobeus


  • More work on Merchants by Thermador.
  • The first Furniture Fixes by XJDHDR.


  • The Bloodmoon Main Quest had been completed to the Skaal Test of Strength by Queen of Ashlands
  • A few more Bloodmoon Miscellaneous Quests had been added (and others started)by Queen of Ashlands.


Version 24: 03/12/2011

 This version mostly consisted of bug fixes:

  1. Fighters' Guild Advancement
  2. Join the Thieves' Guild Topic showing up everywhere 
  3. House Redoran & House Telvanni Strongholds
  4. NPC's following the player around in Guild & Council Halls
  5. A few more that not told in the summary
  6. Travel Bug by Xris.
  7. Dragonbone Cuirass was fixed (made obtainable)
  8. Merchant/Cell Ownership fix update by thermador


Version 25: 03/19/2011

  • Morroblivion was started to be protected with an Installer by Glorf97 and Thermador
  • Yagrum Bagran has been restored to his old self by Hashmi
  • Dwemer Weapons by Zu are included.
  • Didact has provided Faces and updated AI for 237 more NPC's
  • Haldur has retextured the Ash Storms Red.


  • David had also fixed numerous bugs pointed out in the Bug Reports.
    1. House Hlaalu Hortator
    2. Thieves' Guild Quests past Captain
    3. Several miscellaneous Quest fixes


Version 26: 03/27/2011

  • v026 added Quest Targets and Map Marker Updates for Three complete Quest Lines
    1. Tribunal Temple
    2. Imperial Cult
    3. Imperial Legion
  • David Budreck also did some bug fixing.
  • Didact provided more Faces and fixes
  • Haldur provided extended, more descriptive Quest Journal Updates


Version 27: 04/09/2011.

  • v027 added quest targets and map marker updates for the last three Quest Lines that needed them:
    1. Fighters' Guild
    2. Mages' Guild
    3. Thieves' Guild
  • Numerous bug fixes were provided by Thermador and others.
  • Citadel Dagoth by Hashmi restores the original confrontation, Dagoth Ur, and Azura.
  • Creatures Revisited adds Morrowind-Style Frost & Storm Atronachs, Daedroth, and Dremora.
  • Hensu has added some Real AI to NPC's in Balmora, Caldera, and Ebonheart.
  • Tleemessick has fixed Hundreds of misplaced items in Vivec.
  • Darth South has provided Beautiful Custom Icons for Armor, Weapons, and Amulets.
  • "Me" extracted the voice files from Morrowind, RobertNeville777 placed them into the game.
  • SpoonyBrad has provided updated 1st Person meshes for morrowind clothing.
  • Mooncat finshed/debugged the Bal Molagmer Thieves' Guild Quests.
  • Haldur has restored the Blight on Red Mountain.
  • Illspecko has made it possible to actually rent rooms in Balmora.
  • Thermador has provided Two updates, one to Merchants, one to Cell Ownership.


Version 28:  04/16/2011 

v28 contained a number of bug fixes, including Dagoth Ur’s AI which caused him to respawn and follow players.


  • David Budreck updated some of the NPCs that follow you inside a quest.
  • David Budreck bundled the Bonemold and Daedric Lord Armor fixes into the Support Files.
  • Mooncat and Thermador both provided some of the same fixes for Silt Strider Transport.
  • Mooncat sent a patch that stops to Lucien Lachance visiting you if you commit Murder in Morrowind.
  • Mooncat fixed Divine and Almsivi Intervention.
  • Henshu added some Real AI to NPC's in Ald-Ruhn.
  • Henshu also provided a fix for lanterns sticking out at a 90 degree angle.
  • Eloth provided replacements for many of the Miscellaneous Items in the game. It was merged with master.
  • Darth South provided new custom icons for rings, and improved icons for amulets.
  • RobertNeville777 provided more voiced dialog for Silt-Strider Transport
  • Illspecko fixed renting rooms in Vivec and some other places.


Version 29: 04/23/2011

  • Mooncat provided fixes for some Thieves' Guild and Morag Tong Issues.
  • David Budreck fixed a couple of miscellaneous quests.
  • David Budreck updated more NPCs that follow you during quests.
  • Darth South provided four new custom icon mods. Books, Ingredients, Quests, and Factions.
  • Henshu added the first part of AI to NPC's in Sadrith Mora, but Sadrith Mora was not finished.
  • Henshu provided the first of her new Musicians.
  • Henshu recreated the House Guard Shields and given them to the appropriate guards.
  • Eloth provided a second patch of replacements for many of the Miscellaneous Items in the game.
  • Eloth substituted Oblivion Apparatis for Morrowind Apparatis everywhere they were placed in the game.
  • Eloth's Ingredient Replacer was merged with the master.
  • Hashmi updated all the 6th House Creatures with better Animation and Havok.
  • Tleemessick provided more Object plament fixes for Vivec, Balmora, and Seyda Neen.


Version 30: 04/30/2011

  • David Budreck fixed a couple more miscellaneous quests, mostly in the West Gash region Northwest of Caldera.
  • David Budreck updated a couple more NPC's with the proper AI that follow the player during quests.
  • RavenSW provided the weapons rebalance!
  • RavenSW provided a fix for floating Urns in tombs.
  • Darth South provided another Custom Icon Mod for Keys.
  • Tleemessick provided more Object plament fixes for Pelagiad.
  • Illspecko finished fixing all the Inns in Vvardenfell so that Players can rent rooms.
  • Eloth has provided updated meshes & textures for his Miscellaneous Items and Ingredients.


Version 31: 05/07/2011

  • David Budreck fixed all the quests around Caldera, up through Gnaar Mok and Gnisis, except for Din. H updated Din's AI but not added quest markers nor escorted him back to Gnisis.
  • David Budreck updated the Grandmaster Retort Thieves' Guild Quest to accept either a Morrowind Grandmaster Retort or an Oblivion Master Retort (but Not a Morrowind Master Retort).
  • David Budreck updated Garding's AI for the Dram Bero Quest.
  • RavenSW provided the first part of his training overhaul!
    RavenSW provided a stand-alone mod that restores Morrowind Conjuration Spells
  • Darth South provided two more Custom Icon Mods, one for Potions, one for Misc Items (part 1).
  • Tleemessick provided more Object plament fixes for Ald-Daedroth to Ald-Ruhn.
  • Eloth provided updated meshes with havok for Potions and Chests so that you can pick up the potions and open the chests.


Version 32: 05/21/2011

  • David Budreck deleted a duplicate Levitation potion. This solved one of the two problems happened in v31. It fixed a main quest.
  • The other problem in v031 was attempting to disable freed slaves, in dialog, that the player is currently talking to. This was also fixed by David Budreck.
  • Darth South provided another custom icon mod for misc items (part 2).
  • Tleemessick provided more Object placement fixes for 24 more interior cells.
  • Henshu provided working AI for most of Sadrith Mora, except for the guards. She had  5 of musicians playing lutes and one playing drums. Henshu also overcame our initial problem with NPC's following the player around like puppy dogs, so this has enabled proper Guild Ownership. Henshu has set Guild Ownership for most of the guilds in Morrowind.
  • Hashmi updated Undead, including adding the last original creature from Morrowind. We now restored ALL the denezins of Morrowind (but not Bloodmoon yet).
  • HelpfulPerson provided new custom meshes for most of the unique amulets, like the Madstone, Teeth of the Urshilaku, etc.


Version 33: 06/18/2011

  • Queen of Ashlands sent Bloodmoon Main Quest, untested.
  • Queen of Ashlands sent most of the Tribunal Main quest.
  • David Budreck updated the Mages' Guild Wizard Staff Quest. This should make it possible for people to continue/finish the Mages' Guild Quest Lines.
  • David Budreckmade all the Quest-Giving NPC's "Essential" that appear in the wilderness.
  • David Budreck pulled 23 additional landscape texture edits from Eloth's Master in anticipation of an update from him on his Beautiful Landscape mod.
  • Eloth supplied FOUR other item mods that update or replace all remaining Morrowind items still missing from the Conversion.
  • Tleemessick provided more Object placement fixes for 21 more interior cells, B & C.
  • Henshu provided a small AI update for Athryn Sarethi and a few other minor fixes.
  • Opal Eyed Fan updated the Travel Lanterns.
  • DDMLink provided more bug fixes for Vampire Clans.


This version also fixed Ghostfence broken because of Eloth’s Visual Overhaul.


Version 34: 06/25/2011

  • David Budreck fixed couple of fights between creatures.
  • David Budreck fixed a small Imperial Legion quest issue.
  • David Budreck fixed Ice Blade of Monarch quest.
  • Eloth provided some mesh and texture updates.


Version 35: 07/16/2011

  • David Budreck had “finished” Morroblivion and restarted debugging with his new sightings.
    1. He had Finished & Debugged the entire Imperial Cult Questline.
    2. He had Finished & Debugged the entire Imperial Legion Questline.
    3. He had Finished & Debugged ALL the Wilderness & Ashlander Miscellaneous Quests.
    4. He had fixed conflict issues between Main Quest-Temple and Telvanni- Baladas Demnevanni's Books Quest
  • Didact provided new faces for 920 NPC's.
  • Opal-Eyed-Fan provided a fix for unique jewelry crashing the game when equipped.
  • Telemesick provided object placement fixes for 23 more cells.
  • Iceburg333 provided a fix for Morrowind "Lava." He added a collision layer so things will no longer fall completely through the lava, and has also added Fire Damage equal to Oblivion lava.
  • Beave started helping with cleanup and quest fixes. He updated the "Price on your Head" topic so that now Thieves' Guild members really will remove the price on your head. He also fixed some typos and done some general cleanup.


  • Version 36: 07/24/2011
  • David Budreck Finished & Debugged the entire Mages' Guild, Fighters’ guild, thieves’ guild(including Bal Molagmer Quezts) Quest Line.
    1. * David Budreck added a lost Legion Quest not included in the final version of Morrowind.
    2. * David Budreck finished & done a couple of other stray quests in Vivec.
    3. * David Budreck did all the Daedric Shrine Quests except Molag Baal.
    4. * He was about 30% finished with House Hlaalu, Stronghold Stage 2 Completed
    5. * He was about 90% finished with House Redoran, Stronghold Stage 2 Building
    6. * He was about 85% finished with House Telvanni, Stronghold Stage 1 Building
    7. * He was about 40% finished with the Temple Quests.
  • David Budreck prevented the conlict between Fighters’ and Thieves’ Guilds.
  • David Budreck went through every Tomb in Vvardenfell and fixed the mist that is supposed to appear above ash pits.
  • Iceburg333's Script for Lava to cause Fire Damage was forgotten in v35, so it was included in v36
  • Telemesesick provided several more Object Placement fixes.
  • Unknown provided hooks that actually hold things up again.
  • Hashmi provided updates to the Kagouti and Storm Atronach.


Version 37: 07/24/2011

  • Didact1 provided 80 more faces.
  • David Budreck completed and debugged the Tribunal Temple, all three Houses, and the Main Quest. Totally 373 quests in-game.
  • David Budreck tweaked the final battle with Dagoth Ur so the crank works and the doors don't keep sliding around.
  • David Budreck updated the AI of all the Cattle so they don't wander


Version 38: 08/21/2011

  • David Budreck updated the AI of all the Cattle and Slaves so they no longer wander around chit-chatting about current events with the Vampires or Slavers.
  • David Budreck set the AI of any NPC with a "GameMode" block in their script as "No Low Level Processing," in an attempt to help streamline & Speed things up.
  • Thermador sent David Budreck a patch for dialog about the player not wearing anything, but he just deleted everything associated with it. The way Oblivion deals with "detecting" clothing is fataly flawed in multiple ways, and just about everybody that has run into this reported it as a "bug." So he decided that it won’t be fun for anyone so let’s delete it completely.


Version 39: 08/27/2011

  • Darth South provided 104 new Icons for Miscellaneous Items(part 3).
  • RobertNeville777’ Morrowind Voiced Dialog was included. However this caused some problems so v39 was fastly canceled and and RobertNeville777’s Voiced Dialog stayed as a seperate mod, David released a new version quickly.


Version 40: 08/29/2011

  • Voiced Dialogue was removed.
  • Object Placement fixes for 33 more cells by Telemessick.


Version 41: 09/03/2011

  • Darth South’s new icons were not transperent so it was fixed.
  • David Budreck reset NPC's that had "No Low Level Processing" checked. This fixed any problems people were having with NPC's following the player.


Version 42: 09/11/2011

  • David Budreck finished pathgridding for every single cell in Morrowind.
  • David Budreck had taken permission and included CemKey’s waterfall effects to Vivec Palace.
  • Darth South finished Misc Item Icons(part 4), and sent his first other clothing icons(part1).
  • Iceburg333 provided some fixes for black edges around some of the plants in Bloodmoon.
  • OldWolf58 started updating AI. He began with correcting the Stopgap "fix" used in many guild halls to prevent NPC's from following the player around like puppy dogs. Unfortunately, this stopgap "fix" caused them to shake their heads wildly.


Version 43: 09/25/2011

  • David Budreck fixed some conflicts between update mods
  • Archangel221 updated training that stayed 1 year in "Help Requested" page.
  • OldWolf58 updated more NPC's with basic eating/sleeping AI.
  • Darth South has provided 81 more Icons for Clothing.


Version 44: 10/01/2011

  • Darth South has finished his icons project. Now Morroblivion has icons for every single item.
  • Eloth has provided a massive update that puts more goodies into some of the chests, and Locks ALL the chests in Vvardenfell that are supposed to be locked.
  • OldWolf58 has provided more NPC's with basic eating/sleeping AI.


Version 45: 10/08/2011

  • This version includes Popo14081976's updated "Siting in Morroblivion"
  • He edited the meshes to remove clipping so that Sitting/Standing animations worked properly. He then replaced all the furniture in Morroblivion with updated versions that had the proper furniture markers.
  • Popo also edited objects that got in the way when sitting.
  • All in all, Popo edited 7977 objects in 804 interior cells, plus 234 objects in 63 exterior cells.
  • Eloth has provided three separate mods:
  1. one that places missing smoke on chimneys in Caldera and Ald-Run
  2. one that restores Cursed items in Daedric Shrines
  3. and one that tweaks leveled lists/item placements for bows.


Version 46: 10/16/2011

  • Eloth and Hashmi teamed up to restore the Morrowind trap system and Probes. Hundreds of doors in dungeons and tombs are now trapped.
  • Eloth also provided a little atmosphere by adding buzzing flies to all the dead bodies laying around.
  • Thermador provided an update/fix for boat travel.
  • Popo provided some cleanup and a few more edits for chairs and stools.
  • SpeedyG869 has started trimming the grass that pokes up through sidewalks and around entrances. 


Version 47: 10/29/2011

  • Eloth provided extensive tweaks and fixes for traps and probes.
  • Eloth upgraded most of the Rugs in Vvardenfell.
  • Eloth given spells and weapons to hundreds of NPC's that were unarmed.
  • Thermador provided an updated lanter hook that should keep lanterns from falling off the walls.
  • Thermador provided a tweak for character generation to avoid CTD's during setup.
  • Thermador updated the music played in hundreds of interior cells.


Version 48: 11/06/2011

  • This release was for Hashmi's Vvardenfell Creatures.
  1. Golden Saint
  2. Scamp
  3. Clanfear
  4. Hunger
  5. All the various Kwama, including Scribbs and the Queen
  • David Budreck reworked the Installation Instructions.


Version 49: 12/26/2011

  • Eazzy provided a real, functioning Levitation Spell!!! Thank you to Eazzy!!!
  • Hashmi has fixed several meshes, including some rings not turning invisible, the ground model for the Imperial Studded Leather Cuirass, and some Chandaleer objects. Thank you!

  • Qwertyasdfgh has finished the Object Placement Fixes!!! Thank you!
    This includes repositioning THOUSANDS of individual items almost everywhere in the world. The amount of time spent on this was Enormous, so everybody give a round of applause that this is finally finished!

  • Qwertyasdfgh also provided two other fixes for stacks of gold and Renting Beds. Thank You.


Version 50: 1/8/2012

  • Qwertyasdfgh provided updated "Region" names, so that now when you are in Balmore the game says "Balmora" rather than "West Gash Region." This is one of thoes things that may be subtle, but will make the game feel more immersive.

  • Qwertyasdfgh provided a fix for the sound made by Ashlander tent doors.

  • Dobbs provided a small object placment fix for Arrille's Tradehouse.

  • Thermador has provided TEN Mods for this version!

    These include:
    Aleri Duro Fix
    Dareleth Ancestral Tomb Entrance Fix
    Darts of Judgement to Daggers of Judgement Fix
    Hospitality Papers Fix
    Huleens Hut Fix
    Irgola Fix
    Mysterious Killings Fix
    Potion Recipe Fix
    Public Areas Fix
    Vassir-Didanat EbonyMine Entrance Fix


Version 51: 2/4/2012

  • Thermador has cleaned up and Finished the Morag Tong Quest Line including "Threads of the Webspinner" Sanguine Items! This means that you can now play through ALL the Vanilla Morrowind Quests.
  • Thermador has also provided some cleanup for the Thieves' Guild Quest Line.
  • Qwertyasdfgh has updated the sounds Containers make when you open or close them. They now sound like they are supposed to... instead of all sounding like Barrels.
  • Qwertyasdfgh has also provided a Massive Cell Ownership and AI mod. This should clear all individually owned objects so that merchants won't try to sell you everything they own.
  • Qwertyasdfgh has also provided a new mesh for the Bonemold Bow, so that it doesn't just look like a Chitin Bow.
  • David Budreck has made some fixes to the Love of a Bosmer Quest, and cleaned up some dirty edits that were pointed out by Qwertyasdfgh.
  • David Budreck has also bundled the INI files for Eazzy's Levitation Spell into the Additional Support Files 2.


Version 52: 4/22/2012

  • David Budreck has updated a couple of things from the Bug Reports.


  • Qwertyasdfgh has provided Eleven different mods for this release, including Finally Addressing Dagoth Gares, Dagoth Ur, Vivec, and Azura being Playable Races... Plus item placement fixes for 700 items.

Animated doors inside Bars (Included New Meshes so Additional Support Files 2 Required)
Cell Water Height fix for cells not containing water (this bugged me too, Thank You!)
CharacterGen class used for NPC's has been replaced with "Commoner" like they should be
Evidence Chests where Stolen Goods are Confiscated when Arrested now work properly
Eye fix on several NPC's that were missed even after all this time
Idle Animation Fix that I had somehow missed including in v051
Item Fixes for various things that were not working properly
Item Placemtent Fixes for 700 Individual Items Thank You!!!
Pelegaid Armorer interior cell fix
Spelling has been corrected on dozens of objects &people
And, Playable Races not supposed to be Playable have been changed to Unplayable

  • There are also 53 enhanced meshes by Qwertyasdfgh included in the Additional Support Files 2.

Version 53: 6/10/2012

  • Full Havok for the Dreug by Qwertyasdfgh
  • Qwertyasdfgh has provided 14 Different Mods for this release. And, proving that Qwertyasdfgh is not the ONLY one currently working on this Project, Thermador has provided a host of fixes for Seyda Neen!
  • Ald-Ruhn Shops Locked Fixed
  • Assurnabitashpi Marker Corrected
  • Bitter Coast Dragonflies
  • New Meshes for Bull Netch
  • Full Havok for the Dreug, plus fixes for Ash Ghouls and Betty Netch
  • Fixes for the chests and doors in the Dwarven Bone Quest
  • Hospitality Papers in Sadrith Mora now work like they are supposed to
  • Lock Spells have been Fixed
  • Transport to Magas Volar by use of a Magic Amulet
  • Skaal Guard Fix so they don't keep popping up in unexpected places (like Anvil)
  • Slave Pens updated so the Slaves actually spawn Inside their Pens!
  • Capitalization Fixes that were supposed to be in v052
  • Updated meshes and textures for the Steel Club
  • Fixes for Ash Ghoul, Hrelvesuu (Daedroth), Corprus Stalker, Mating Kagouti, Dwarven Specture
  • Removed unnecessary script fron signs and fixed placement
  • Seyda Need Fixes provided by Thermador (removed last popup window, and AI if you go back into the Census Office)

Version 54: 7/29/2012

  • Qwerty has made changes to the "Lava" of Morroblivion to make it much more like... Real Lava
  • Qwertyasdfgh has provided Five Mods for this Release:

Full AI in Maar-Gaan, including some new Idle Animations!
An Animated Gondola that rocks in the water like it is supposed to
Some tweaks to MQ02 Dialog
A working Slowfall Spell
Real Lava!

  • Additionally;

AsteriaSennal has provided a Master Trainers AI Update
IronMan has ressurected Ten Pace Boots and placed them in the game

  • Gidz89 has provided EIGHT Mods for this Release:

Bitter Coast Ambient Swamp Sounds
Some tweaks & Fixes for the Census & Excise Office
Ebernanit Shrine Marker Fix
Eydis Fire-Eye Dialog Tweaks
Journal of Tarhiel Cosmetic update (To remove the stupid formatting characters)
Skink-In-Tree's-Shade Dialog Tweaks
Southwall Corner Club Fixes (Should prvent sleeping in beds from Killing NPC's!)
Tharys Ancestral Tomb Placement Fixes

Version 55: 9/9/2012

  • v055 restores the factions of the Kwama back to the old way
  • This version includes 13 mods from Qwertyasdfgh

Fixes for 2 Miscellaneous Quests
Skooma Pipe Animation Fixes
Cushion Replacements for Round Cushions
Cushion Replacements for Square Cushions
Fix for the Drarayne Pillows Quest
Miscellaneous Items in Ebonheart
Fix for the Gaenor Quest
Miscellaneous Items in Gnisis
Fixes for the Morag Tong Writs/Quests
Fixed the whole "NoLore" Dialogue thing
Updated scripts and deleted redundant/useless scripts
Moved some quest dialog to Service Refusal where they should be
Miscelleanous Items in Vivec


  • Enhanced AI in Seyda Need was provided by Oblisgr.

Version 56: 10/18/2012

  • Included in v056 are 8 Mods From Thermador:

Alof and the Orcs Quest Fix
Dagoth Ur Door Crank Fix
First Step of Stairways (this was very badly needed, thank you)
House Hlaalu Death of Ralen Hlaalo Fix
Merchant Fixes
Poor Pilgrim Quest Fix
Telura Ulver Fix
Telvanni Agents Fix

  • Included in v056 are 17 Mods from Qwertyasdfgh:

Apologies (Rash of Insults) Quest Fix
Berwen's Stalker Quest Fix
Control the Ordinators Quest Fix
Death of a Taxman Quest Fix
Distand Water (has added extra water around Vvardenfell and Solstheim)
Enchanted Weapons Fix
Gondolas Fix
Heart Ring (Item on Dagoth Ur) Fix
Imperial Prison Ship Crime Fix
Jailbreak Fix
Levitation Scrolls Fix
Miun Gei Fix
Trap Script & Ebony Helm Fixes
White Guar Quest Fix
Widow Vabdas Deed Quest Fix
Wizard's Staff Fix
Mighty Dagoth Ur

Version 57: 03/09/2013

* Included the next 5 East Empire Quests from EnvyDeveloper
* An update to guard towers from Thermador that missed from the last release.
* Two Miscellaneous Fix Mods from Qwertyasdfgh
* Fix for Mating Kagouti from Qwertyasdfgh
* Azura Cut-Scene Fix from Idle
* Beauty & Bandit Quest Fix from Idle
* Dialog Fix for Morag Tong from Idle
* David Budreck has included some texture path fixes pointed out/submitted by Roxon_55.

Version 58: 04/27/2013

Starting from this version Morroblivion master-file is maintained by qwertyasdfgh.

- Fixed Alven Salas giving player 'black jinx' effect in "House Telvanni: Black Jinx" quest
- Fixed scripting in "Pilgrimage to Maar Gan" quest
- Fixed ownership of some Mages Guild supply chests
- Manis Virmaulese should now only appear during "Loot the Mages Guild" quest
- Added missing map marker for Andrethi Ancestral Tomb
- Scroll of Elevram's Sty now has an enchantment
- Ra'Virr in Balmora now correctly opens and closes his shop
- Fixed corrupted Animated Object (Skooma Pipe)
- Fixed dialogue with Tel Fyr inhabitants, so it now displays every time, and not just during the main quest
- Removed 'nofollows' script from all NPCs, which was causing twitching head bug. Added proper AI packages where needed to prevent said NPCs from following the player.
- Fixed compiling errors in some scripts
- Foryn Gilnith now has the key to his shack
- Added Eazzy's levitaion scripts to several more spells
- Corrected numerous misplaced objects
- Fixed bugs in "Recovering Cloudcleaver" Misc Quest
- Fixed Sadrith Mora merchants AI (shops are now open during day)

- Landscape edits from grass mods are now merged into the master for compatibility reasons. If you're using a grass mod, you need to update it!
- Stone door to Holamayan monastery now opens only on dawn and dusk, like it should
- Havok-enabled skeleton for Bull Netch. You can now stand on top of it!
- Most notes use Handwritten font
- Proper mesh for Wooden Staff (by Trollf)
- New meshes for artifacts: Chrysamere (by InsanitySorrow) and Bow of Shadows (by Trollf)
- Included a script to automatically change PlayerInMorrowind global to correct value if player used a non-official method of transportation
- Restored bloatspore plants, which were missing from original game
- "Nvidia Black Screen Fix" applied to all Morroblivion cells
- Pemenie is now only essential before starting her quest
- Restored the ability for player to buy slaves in Tel Aruhn slave market
- Restored Propylon functionality
- Optimized some NPC scripts pointed out by Yana Usdi
- Updated facegen for several NPCs, so they now look less generic
- Assigned random vanilla eyes to NPCs missing them

- Book formatting fixes from gidz89
- Restored Faction Relations from thermador
- Misc fixes from Balthazar21
- Tel Branora AI from Balthazar21
- Voiced Daedric Lords from me
- Dremoras from me
- Solstheim trees position fix from roxon_55

Version 59: 07/13/2013

- Fixed various items position in Pelagiad
- Fixed heightmap in Balmora
- Debugged "The Dwemer Bone" quest
- Dwemer centurions in Tel Uvirith are no longer hostile towards the player
- Removed Imperial Dragon Gauntlets from Morrowind's armor leveled list
- Torches will no longer fall to the ground from their holders (note that if some torches have alredy fallen off in your game, you'll need to leave this area and return after respawn)
- Fixed dialogue loophole, which allowed you to get multiple copies of Redoran Founder Helmet
- Mages Guild: fixed the possiblity to complete "Escort Tenyeminwe" quest without actually escorting her
- Fighters Guild: fixed the possibility to receive final quests too early
- Fighters Guild: fixed Eydis Fire-Eye attacking the player in the quest "Remove Sjoring's Supporters" even when she shouldn't
- Fighters Guild: fixed Hrundi's dialogue if player killed Corprus Stalker in Berwen's shop before receiving the quest from him.
- Scrolls of Icarian Flight now work correctly
- Fixed a potentially gamebreaking bug with transportaion to Holamayan Monastery (during Main Quest) and Mournhold, which could damage the savegame under certain circumstances
- Fixed the possibility to complete Morag Tong quest "A Contact in the Dark Brotherhood" before receiving it

- Corrected world positin of hundreds of objects, thanks to roxon_55
- Mournhold exteriors are now fully path-gridded, thanks to JetpackAngel. This should prevent NPCs from spawning ouside the playable area.
- Updated some faction rank names to have proper female versions
- Restored misc dialogue for Caius Cosades
- Toned down armor rating of some pieces, which was too high by Oblivion standards
- Strongholds of all 3 Great Houses are now constructed simultaneously, like in the original game
- The 'Back Path' of the Main Quest was restored (available if you kill Vivec)
- Updated AI schedules in Hla Oad
- Added basic lock\unlock schedules for merchants in Vivec, Foreign Quarter

Version 60: 09/11/2013

- Corrected biped slots on Boiled Netch Leather Helm.
- Fixed inability to continue Main Quest if player initially refused to start Ilunibi quest.
- Fixed multiple instances of NPCs sleeping on the same spot in one bed.
- Restored Magicka drain enchantment to Slave Irons.
- Satyana will not follow player outside of Arenim Ancestral Tomb in "Finding Her Father's Amulet" quest.
- Tenyeminwe will no longer go back to Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub in "Mages Guild: Escort Tenyeminwe" quest.
- Fixed Archimagister Gothren's Dremora bodyguards having no greeting. Player can no longer talk to them.
- Restored the possibility to falsely accuse Ranis Athrys in "Mages Guild: Catch a Spy" quest.
- In "House Telvanni: Slaves Rebellion" quest player is now properly attacked by all slaves and not just the leader.
- Fixed inability to complete "Ienas Sarandas" quest if player threatened him or took no action the first time.
- Fixed bows with reach values 0 (can cause crashes due to Oblivion bug).
- Corrected weight of several scrolls to 0.2 instead of 1.0
- Fixed the Dark Brotherhood attack happening too early.
- Fixed some of the dialogue not appearing in "Rabinna's Inner Beauty" quest.
- Drarayne Thelas in Balmora will now unlock her house during the day.
- Corrected position of various misplaced items.
- Fixed multiple typos in quests and dialogue.
- Some general cleanup of dialogue topics\conditions.
- Brainslasher has restored functionality of the Scroll of the Wolf Ender in Bloodmoon.
- roxon_55 has corrected position of thousands misplaced items, both on Vvardenfell and Solstheim.
- roxon_55 has also put a new pillows on all beds that were lacking them, for your sleeping comfort.

- "House Telvanni: Wizard Spells" quest no longer forces you to go to specific spell merchant.
- It is now possible to rent a room in Dagon Fel, End of the World tavern and Molag Mar, Pilgrim's Rest.
- Restored all stages of construction for Telvanni Stronghold - Tel Uvirith. This also means that you'll no longer be able to access all areas of the tower from the beginning.
- Moved destination sorter script from being attached to NPCs to quest.
- You can now see the Mournhold Temple (mostly it's spikes) from all city districts.
- New LOD for Vivec City.
- Map for Mournhold integrated into master.
- Introduced Morroblivion.ini file, where you can configure some aspects of the mod. Currently this includes:
*Toggle display of quest markers for Morrowind quests (enabled by default).
*Toggle fast travel with map in Morrowind (enabled by default).
*Toggle "Hardcore harvest", which requires you have certain items in your inventory in order to harvest some ingredients. (disabled by default).
*Toggle Morroblivion "Taunt" topic for NPCs (enabled by default).

- 'Helm of Tohan' official plugin.
- Flora Overhaul mod (updated) - new models for some plants, proper harvest chances and visual indication of harvesting.
If you used any of the above as separate esps - deactivate them.

Packaging and resource changes:
- Morroblivion assets are now distributed in 3 BSA archives.
- New file - Morrowind_ob.esp is required for loading BSAs. It should always be active in your load order.
- Only assets which are actually used in Morroblivion are packed in BSA files - no more leftovers from previous versions and other unnecessary files.
- All textures have been optimized, compressed in optimal format and mip-mapped. This means that Morroblivion no longer requires setting texture size to "Large" in Oblivion settings.
- Bottles models replaced with original - current replacements were too high poly and caused performance issues.
- Potion bottles meshes replaced with the ones much closer to originals (created by InsanitySorrow).
- Tweaked Havok collision on books in attempt to reduce the chances of them spontaneously falling from shelves.
- Folder structure for weapons is completely redone for ease of replacement.

Version 61: 12/29/2013

New content:
- Full East Empire Company questline completed by Brainslasher.
- Tribunal Main Questline has been debugged by Brainslasher.
- Restored creature merchants - Creeper (by llde) and Talking Mudcrab (with a bonus).
- Restored Durzogs (model by mr_Siika, CS work by Brainslasher).
- Merged Siege of Firemoth official plugin, converted by Brainslasher.

- Fixed some NPCs, which were supposed to provide services, but didn't.
- Fixed Fargoth's AI packages.
- Fixed vampires hostility after player has joined a vampire clan.
- Sleepers should now only attack player while in Morrowind.
- Added open\close sounds to bar doors.
- Fixed NPCs an Balmora and Ald'Ruhn Temples always following the player.
- Fixed crash during trap disarming.
- Daedric helmet variants now have proper biped slots.
- Assigned ownership to items in Vivec's plazas.
- Restored some quest rewards, which weren't given to the player.
- Restored dialogue with Nels Llendo for male PCs.
- Nels Llendo and Marcel Maurard now move to new locations when their related quests are completed.
- Added a map marker for Arano Plantation.
- Removed a small delay before teleporting when travel services are used.
- Various corrections to item positions and spelling\grammar.

- Goblins in Old Mournhold now use their special weapons.
- All books now have unique bookcovers (Morrowind mod by Daleth, ported by Brainslasher).
- Lowered all creatures responsibility, so they can't report crimes.
- Added sound effects to Silt Striders.
- Compatibility with COBL Luggage is now handled internally. Separate patch esp no longer needed.

Version 62: 02/17/2014

New content:
- Tribunal Main Quest should now be fully playable, including the Clockwork City, with new creatures and traps. The only thing lacking is Verminous Fabricant model - both fabricant types use Hulking Fabricants models.
- A whole bunch of miscellanous quests from Tribunal have been debugged: The Champion of Clutter, Estate Sale, The Museum, The Smith's Apprentice, The Warlords, Wood Elf with a Grievance, The Matchmaker, Scroll Sales, A Star Is Born, The Summoner, Crimson Plague, The Natural, Custom Armor, Rerlas Mon's Pets.
- Merged the official plugin 'Entertainers'.

- Restored Shock Centurion companion, given by Baladas Demnevanni at the end of 'House Telvanni: Dahrk Mezalf' quest. It can be given simple follow\wait commands.
- Restored working fountains in Mournhold, Plaza Brindisi Dorom.
- Merged Unique Grass mod, also featirung completely new grass for West Gash region. You may remove Morrowind_ob - Unique Grass.esp.
- All carryable light sources are now correctly oriented in player hand.
- Additionally, hanging lanterns should stop falling to the ground now. A side-effect of this is that such lanterns dropped from player inventory will float in the air.
- All Morrowind travel services now transport player followers.
- Restored Morrowind-style Liches.
- Replaced Hunger models with the ones based on SI hungers for better visual quality and animations.
- Restored the possibility to obtain Eltonbrand.
- Levitation and teleportation magic no longer work in places where it isn't supposed to.

- Removed all links to Cyrodiil Mages\Fighters Guilds in dialogue and item ownership.
- Entering your retainers' houses in Tel Uvirith is no longer considered trespassing.
- Restored original spells to Bonewalkers.
- Fixed a minor dialogue error in 'House Telvanni: Stronghold' quest.
- Fixed various bugs in 'Kidnapped by Cultists' and 'Rescue Madura Seran' quests.
- Fixed several bugs in East Empire Company questline.
- Added missing map marker for Assarnud, removed duplicate map marker for Abinabi.
- Multiple tweaks to landscape texturing to avoid sharp borders between different landscape textures.
- Fixed a dialogue bug in 'Scholars and the Mating Kagouti' quest. Also, mating kagouti now stop making sounds after death.
- Wearing High Ordinator's uniform is now considered a crime, like the regular one.
- Ahnassi's Romance quest now starts properly.

Resource changes:
- Tweaked bounds on Sphere Centurion skeleton, allowing it to fit through doors.
- New mesh and texture for Mournhold fountains.
- Included static version of parchment, which can be used for notes hanging on walls.
- Various models for Clockwork City are now properly animated.
- New _far meshes for emperor parasol mushrooms - with reduced number of polygons and smaller textures.
- New meshes and textures for the following creatures: Hungers, Liches, Hulking Fabricants, Imperfect.
- New meshes and textures for Morrowind grass.
- Included an icon for High Indoril Shield.
- Included fixed attack animation for Alit.
- Voicefiles for 'A Star Is Born' quest.
- Sounds for Entertainers quest.








You can find detailed information about mods here: http://morroblivion.com/forums/morroblivion/mods/2031 I am only trying to find dates to show their progression.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have decided not to complete this section for a time I have not decided. If anybody is up to looking and writing a history, I would be very glad to copy paste it. I didn't erase this section because I simply did not want my work to go in vain.


Hashmi's Texture Replacer:

People generally used this before Visual Overhaul was released. My personal opinion is that this 'Texture Replacer 'made Morroblivion's visual quality equal to Oblivion.

  • This was released 02/05/2011


HelpfulPerson's Bloodmoon Texture Replacer:

  • This was released 02/22/2011


Helpful Person's Misc Item Texture Replacer:

  • This was released 02/22/2011


Eloth's Visual Overhaul:

My personal opinion is that after this, Morroblivion was visually better than vanilla Oblivion.

  • The earliest post I found in my not very-deep search about it's development marked 12/27/2010. 
  • It was released 04/10/2011.
  • 1 day later first and the secınd patch for missing textures was released.
  • Same day a grass, hdr and weather estension was released for overhaul.
  • 04/12/2011 Misc Items pack of Visual Overhaul was released
  • 04/20/2011 Misc Items were updated.
  • 04/20/2011 two patches for missing textures(West Gash rocks and Altars-Tapestries) was released
  • 04/20/2011 Ingredient replacer was released
  • 04/30/2011 Plant/Flora Replacer was released.
  • 06/23/2011 Grass mod was released


Darknut's Weapon Texture Replacer:

  • This was released 08/26/2010


HelpfulPerson's Weapon Overhaul:

  • This was released 04/10/2011


Iceburg's Better Morroblivion Map:

  • This is basically the same but high-res map for Morrowind.
  • This was released 07/06/2011


Nemetis' Morroblivion Map:

  • This is the original map of Morrowind.
  • This was released 09/06/2011


Edited by: qwertyasdfgh on 06/21/2014 - 05:21
Dave B
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Thank You
It is really amazing looking at it like this.
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When I get around to it, I

When I get around to it, I plan on at least skimming all of this, if not outright reading it. :)

Favorite quote so far? Version 03 "This version starts to make Morrowind playable. From now on things will only get better..."


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I only registered recently

I only registered recently but I've been lurking the forums since 2008. What I know about Galadrielle was that she wanted Morroblivion to be based during the events of Oblivion but now we are making Morroblivion to be based during the events of Morrowind

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Uh oh!Perhaps when this is

Uh oh!

Perhaps when this is done (if ever comes such a blessed day, :P ), someone can make another mod that adapts this 'base' to fit in Oblivion's time. Compared with the complexity of this project, such a mod wouldn't be difficult...

Darth South
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I defienitely beleive so,

I defienitely beleive so, however after Skyrim, I don't think many people will actually concentrate on this.

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As my granny always said "Don't ever count yer chickens afor they hatch boy!" ... Jeeze you don't know how many times I heard that from her ... I don't think people will ever stop playing either Morrowind or Oblivion .. I know I won't. Skyrim may be a great game ... and maybe it'll be visually great and otherwise hohum ... like my granny said .....

Dave B
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Oblivion Time Line
Morrowind in Oblivion may or may not have been Galadrielle's vision. My thought is she was just musing, not really focused or determined on doing it one way or another... beyond getting it working. To rework this into Oblivion time would require MASSIVE amounts of work, like completely gutting all the quests and dialog, and then starting over from scratch with a completely new Main Quest, House Quests, Guild Quests, and all the side quests where the player would have killed people, not to mention most of the creatures that would no longer be appropriate to be inhabiting Vvardenfell, all the caves and dungeons that had been owned by the Sixth House... etc. But, in any case, that was never MY vision. I have always wanted Morroblivion to be as it is: Morrowind in the time of Morrowind, so that I could experience Morrowind with my Oblivion character.
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Huh, I was thinking just

Huh, I was thinking just adding a quest that took place afterwords.... but ya, I guess I hadn't really thought about it that hard, lol.

I like your vision David. :p

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Yeah, so you can be the

Yeah, so you can be the Nevarine and then the Champion of Cyrodiil!

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Man, the amount of work that

Man, the amount of work that goes into this, its crazy! Can you believe that a company made morrowind, and did most this stuff!? I wonder what its like to work at bethesda, and do this for your job every day, and work with a ton of people who get paid to do this. Crazyness.


Working waterfalls. YAAY!!!

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It ain`t all money doing some

It ain`t all money doing some of that work for software company`s iceburg,I did some C++ stuff for a living a lot of years ago and it was all about deadlines,the graphics guys seemed to be happy,but to me it was just code and more code.

It`s great now I am retired,lots of time to actually code without the stress.:)


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Huh, that's interesting

Huh, that's interesting ironman. I'd guess that it would be a lot less fun with a ton of deadlines, that makes a lot of sense.

Did you code for game type stuff or more application stuff?

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Now let's do it all again

Now let's do it all again with Morroskyrim!






(kidding. or am I?)

Darth South
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Now that the version history

Now that the version history is finished it's time for me to write some history about the mods and their past. Of course starting with Visual Overhaul.

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Good work Dark South!I think

Good work Dark South!

I think having a history page like this is really important to the project as a whole, so its really cool that you did this. :D

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As some of you may know, I am a relatively old member of this community and have made some contributions to this game. One of them was this page.

I am not able to make any real contribution these days because I am deeply buried in my test books, for a university entrance test in my country.

However every time I check this website I feel bad for doing nothing.

So I have updated a rather old section.

When summer comes I promise to make a Skywind history page. However if you think it is an urgent need(which I don't think anybody will) you have my blessing to do it. I would more than glad to see something like that completed.

A day will come and I will really return

and this time I will completely learn construction set:D and also creation kit...

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Thanks!  Good work.

Thanks!  Good work.

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Glad to hear you're still

Glad to hear you're still around Dark South (we both seem to be creepers, then). :D
I really do think that having a history section like this is important. :D

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Bi daha kine yapmadan önce

Bi daha kine yapmadan önce bana sorcan :D

It is realy helpful