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Thieves in Andasreth killing each other

Another example of allies killing one another. The archers stationed on the roof of Andasreth [CELL:01380001] started shooting each other as soon as I got within range to witness it. Specifically, Sulis Rendas [ACHR:01817F30/NPC_:0126020A] and Giryn Nirith [ACHR:01817F2F/NPC_:01260210]. I have not entered the stronghold to see if those inside will do the same, but I assume they will. 

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Thanks, I will add it to my

Thanks, I will add it to my list of NPCs to review.  Since you seem very motivated and dedicated to reporting all the NPC faction/AI issues, please consider downloading and installing all of the faction fixes from the last cancelled Morroblivion Unofficial Patch.  Altogether, those faction fixes repair over 200 NPCs.  You may also be interested in the additional hotfixes, some of which are not listed on the main Morroblivion Unofficial Patch post... mainly because they have not been fully tested yet.