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[REL] DynamicMapSwitcher

mediafire link:  DynamicMapSwitcher_2019-Dec-14.7z 



2019-December-14, version 1


Switch between multiple worldmaps by pressing PageUp and PageDown.  Automatically switch to preferred maps for specific areas based on user-defined trigger zones for each map image.  Currently, only Morroblivion worldspace is supported.  Support for mulitple worldspaces is planned for version 2.



  • Oblivion Script Extender
  • MenuQue
  • Morroblivion v064 or later


This mod can be used along with the Dynamic Map mod, letting you zoom in/out and toggle mapmarkers while switching maps.  If the user tries to set the Morroblivion worldmap through the DynamicMap ini files, then it will be over-rided by DynamicMapSwitcher.  This mod will override all worldmap ESPs which use the Worldspace record to set the worldmap.


Installation and Usage:

1. Install this mod using a mod-manager, and activate the DynamicMapSwitcher.esp.

2. The included DynamicMapSwitcher.ini file is configured to automatically switch between the included Vvardenfell and Solstheim maps.

3. When in-game, open the map menu and press PageDown to load the next worldmap and PageUp to load the previous worldmap.

4. Additional MapPacks can be installed after this mod.  Make sure the DynamicMapSwitcher.ini from the MapPack is used installed and used instead of the default file.


Please check https://www.patreon.com/ponyrider0/posts?tag=DynamicMapSwitcher for tutorials to modify DynamicMapSwitcher.ini and make custom MapPacks.



Deactivate and remove DynamicMapSwitcher mod with mod-manager.  Remove any MapPacks if desired.

Credits/Thank Yous:

  • TheNiceOne - whose Dynamic Map mod for Oblivion was an inspiration.
  • OBSE team - this mod could not exist without OBSE.
  • UESP - for great mod-development technical data on game engine and ESM format.
  • Morroblivion Development and Player Community - for their dedication, support and encouragement.
  • Atrayonis - map making resources.
  • Original Morrowind Poster map artwork is property of Bethesda Game Studios, etc.


Change Log:

- Switched PgUp/PgDn behavior, so that PgDn will now advance maps and PgUp will go back to previous map.
- PgDn will toggle between ESM-based worldmap image if there is only one user-defined worldmap loaded from the ini.


- Decreased latency/stuttering at cell boundaries.
- User-selected worldmap is preserved between cells, except when travelling across user-defined trigger zones.


- Initial alpha release.

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Last seen: 2 weeks 6 days ago
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FYI, I've posted a tutorial

FYI, I've posted a tutorial for making in-game Morroblivion maps here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/tutorial-making-32552478