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Active Morroblivion Bugs and Fixes List 2019

I will collect and maintain an updated list of bugs and fixes for 2019-Dec and beyond.  This first post will list the known bugs that are not yet fixed.  A second post will show a list of the bugs which have been fixed. Bugs and Fixes listed in this post assume player have installed Morroblivion v064 + Morroblivion Unofficial Patch 2017-Dec-18.

If you would like to help with the community effort to create a Unified Hotfix Addon which merges all hotfixes since the last Unofficial Patch, then please go to this page to read more about how to help.  You can post new bug reports or bugfix confirmation below.


Main Quest

- Dagoth Ur's Final voiced dialog lines when entering the heart chamber are not played.


Tribunal Expansion

- Unable to advance in Tribunal Quest due to missing dialog topics. Workaround: must advance at least to Antabolis Informant in Morrowind Mainquest.
- Disloyalty among the guards: can not complete quest after finding evidence that Ivulen Irano is a traitor. Can not confirm bug. Bug reporter probably confused correct note with Irano's copy of Common Tongue.
- Bamz-Amschend: fight between Dwemer automatons and fabricants (faction relations bug).
- Her Hand's armor: conflict between Greaves and Greaves and Boots. Can wear Her Hand's Helmet + Devil Cephalopod Helm.


Bloodmoon Expansion

- Text in books and scrolls are displayed with formatting tags visible.
- Hrothmund's Barrow: riddle is not voiced.
- The Skaal Test of Wisdom: quest breaks if choose to you feed Rigmor to wolves and then quickly kill 3 Caenlorn Wolves before they kill Rigmor. Tharsten is supposed to berate you and Rigmor is exiled anyway.
- Mead Hall: You can consume the Heart of the Udyrfrykte because it's not marked as quest item (Vanilla Morrowind bug).
- Apparition of Hircine: dialog at "Mortrag Glacier: Entry" is not voiced. +Does not teleport away. +Very easily killed and looted.
- Ancient Nord Pickaxe, Discovery in the Mine: quest item but can be dropped -- Havok physics glitched.
- Razing the Forest: misspelled message: "The roots should be poisend by now."
- Raven Rock Tavern: stairs have invisible walls underneath.
- Raven Rock: smith: wears both ebony and adamantium helmets at same time.


Side Quests

- A Man and his Guar quest: Rollie still follows you even after reaching bridge at Foreign Quarter.
- Shrine of the Mask: using potion of cure common disease makes the true ash mask disappear?
- Shrine of the Mask: don't need potion to use true ash mask?
- Bitter Cup: picking up cup has same effect as drinking from it.
- Caldera Slave Key does not free slaves in Caldera Ebony Mine without Redoran quest.
- Abebaal Slave Key does not free slaves in Abebaal Egg Mine.
- Hawkmoth Legion Fort: all NPCs have "Get Me Out" prisoner line.
- Hawkmoth Legion Fort: Frald the White sleeps in locked prisoner's cell during daylight hours.
- Berandas: Ama Nin is dead when you get there (drops of ledge to fight daedra below).
- Salven Ancestral Tomb: vampire Mastrius will start fighting and kill his own minions (faction relations bug).
- Hair Shirt: Uvoo Llaren constantly casting heal spell on herself, then a few hours later she is unconscious.
- Webspinner: Fleetness quest: can't be completed if you get Fleetness before Threads of Webspinner under Special Duties.
- Ring of Sanguine Sublime Wisdom can' be turned in until you get specific quest under Special Duties.
- Morag Tong: Writ for Ethal Seloth and Indrosal Vendu: only Ethal Seloth has quest marker.
- if you kill Matyhn Bemis and Brilnosu Llarys before getting the writs for them, you won't be able to advance the quest line. Work-around by Frozenwolf150: Quest ID=0100b839, Setstage 100 to complete it.
- Fargoth's Hiding Place: Fargoth may somtimes appear to stutter when approaching his hiding place and does not place items there. Workaround: follow-him around in first person or, use the Wait/Sleep key to keep waiting in in one hour increments until Fargoth leaves his hiding place.


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Tribunal Bugs

Fixed Bugs List 2019

The needed hotfix file is written in bold-italics above each group of fixed bugs.  Unless otherwise specified, hotfix files require Morroblivion v64 + Morrobliivon Unofficial Patch 2017-Dec-18.  Hotfixes can be found here.


Main Quest

- Fixed: the weaker of the two Ash Ghoul mini-boss types was scaled to +5 PC level instead of just +1 PC level.  the stronger Ash Ghoul mini-boss type is left scaled to +15 PC level. 
- Fixed: Meet Sul-Matuul quest did not complete properly after speaking to Caius Cosades.  
- Fixes all Morroblivion Blighted creatures to use the correct Morroblivion Blight disease record rather than the not-a-true-blight-disease "Black Heart Blight" disease from Oblivion.
- Modifies the 7 named Dagoth mini-bosses so they move at Morrrowind speeds and less like a superfast "Benny Hill Show" chase scene. 


Tribunal Expansion

2018-july-tribunal-fixes.esp (v2):
- Black Dart Gang Quest: Recreated black dart gang's 3 kinds of poison darts from Morrowind as Poison potions which can be applied to weapons.  Created NPC scripts to use the new black dart poison on equipped weapons.   Fixed torch lever for alternative quest solution in Black Dart Gang quest.  Added quest targets.
- Museum Artifacts: Fixed Mace of Molag Bal, Ring of Phynaster, Mace of Slurring assumed stolen bugs.
- Museum Artifacts: Restored working sell/donation options for Warlock's Ring, Mace of Slurring, Spear of Bitter Mercy, Ring of Phynaster, Auriel's Shield, Staff of Magnus, Eiledon's Ward, Ten Pace Boots, Vampiric Ring, Spell Breaker, Umbra Sword, Lord's Mail.
- Restored custom enchanting services to Elbert Nermarc.  Restored custom spellmaking services to Jeanne Andre.
- Faction and AI fixes to 81 NPCs.
- A Star is Born Quest: fixed Quest and AI scripts to prevent PC Crime and Bounty during combat.
2018-july-tribunal-fixes.esp (v4):
- Hopesfire and Trueflame - fixed weapon durability and enchantment points/costs to be like Morrowind


Bloodmoon Expansion

2018-july-bloodmoon-fixes.esp (v2):
- Bugfixed: Plague wolves drop "red wolf pelt" instead of wolf pelts.
- Bugfixed: Establish the Mine: Falco asks you to find more ebony, but harvesting ebony is not guaranteed.
- Bugfixed: A Blocked Door: Hroldar the Strange does not surrender when fatigue is 0.
- Bugfixed: The Moon Sugar Mystery: can't advance if already spoken to Uncle Sweetshare (vanilla Morrowind glitch).
- Bugfixed: Mortrag Glacier: Outer Ring: Carius is supposed to speak to you right away (does not).
- Bugfixed: Hircine's Hunt: Carius is permanently stuck in follower mode after quest.
- Bugfixed: Raven Rock Mine: no guaranteed harvest from stahlrim deposit.
- Bugfixed: Protect Falco: NPCs do not attack, Falco stuck in "StartConversation" loop.
- Bugfixed: A Woman Scorned: cant be completed, no quest markers. Quest Item Note does not appear in Skaal Village (falling through floor bug?). Killing Erna does not advance quest.
- Restored/Recreated: Attack on Frostmoth: fort does not have ransacked appearance.
- Bugfixed: The Ritual of Water: The Swimmer gets stuck at starting location.
- Bugfixed: The Cursed Captain: can't be completed: no dialog option about missing friend.
- Bugfixed: The Sad Seer": Geilir the Mumbling has no dialog option to ask about Draugr.
- Bugfixed: Rebellion at Frostmoth: openning Antonio Nuncius' desk before receiving quest will break quest stages.
- Bugfixed: Dungeon of Skygge: skeletal enemies are already killed by necromancers (faction relations bug).
- Bugfixed: Hrothmund's Axe: get message that you are granted rulership of Thirsk even without quest.
- Bugfixed: The Siege of the Skaal Village: Werewolves have female grunts when struck. Two werewolves enter Greathall, only need to kill one to get quest journal entry.
- Bugfixed: Tharsten has werewolf head with human body.
- Bugfixed: Hrothmund's Barrow: riddle is asked every single time.
- Bugfixed: Castle Karstaag: Krish does not acknowledge you killed eighth Deadly Graal, can't advance quest.
- Bugfixed: Making a Choice: siding with Carnius skips straight to "Supply Route Problems" quest instead of "Setting Up Shop" quest.
- Bugfixed: Razing the Forest: Falco: responds to "spriggans" topic as if you already killed them all. Spriggans must die 3 times but quest journal updates after first deaths.
- Bugfixed: Been Infected, Korst Wind-Eye: Casting Cure Disease on Self does not work to advance dialog.
2018-july-bloodmoon-fixes.esp (v4):
- Hircine Aspect of Strength, Speed: increased attack damages to be closer to Morrowind difficulty, fixed slow turn-speeds
- Lightkeeper Grahl: increased attack damage
- Disappearance of Captain Carius: restored dialog options for "Nord Village" and "Wolf Creatures" when speaking with Gaea and Saenus


Side Quests / Miscellaneous Fixes

- Fixes dialog bug for "one more task" topic, so that speaking to Svenja Snow-Song will advance the Mead Hall Massacre quest.
- Fixed: Ama Nin is found dead in Berandas, Underground. 
- Fixed: Tanisie Verethi in Addamasartus is autoscaled instead of using fixed stats.
- Summon Ancestral Ghost spell rebalanced to better match original Morrowind gameplay balancing.
- Incorporates the Multi-Skill Trainer Hotfix patches from 2018-July-9 and 2018-July-11.
- Fixes Centurion Spiders records (6 types) so they move closer to original Morrowind speed and not in slow-motion.


Optional Addon Fixes

- Bug-fixes and rebalances several slowfall and levitate enchantments, spells and potions; some had 0 duration.  
- Restores missing enchantments to Crying Ring, Ring of Tears and Wooden Staff of War.  
- Recreates the "Blind" magic effect and restores the original Morrowind Blind-based spells to use this magic effect.
- Reverts Verminous Fabricant to original model as a workaround to prevent CTD in Tribunal Expansion when using Symphony of Creatures mod.